Friday, January 28, 2011

Looking up

Things are looking a little bit brighter here!

It looks like I am about to be offered a a bookstore!!!...with excellent benefits, a great staff of potential coworkers, and a cool boss! And they really, really, seem to be afraid I may not accept their offer. Apparently they think I'm a bit overqualified for the position. What a nice feeling after all the worry and fear I've had in the past few weeks! Nothing is 100% official yet...but I have one last interview with the district manager on Feb. 8. My current boss returned a call to them yesterday, and gave me a glowing reference. (As much as I loathed him at times, he always liked me..... thank goodness!) They told him that they are thrilled that I am considering joining their team...and that meeting their DM is a formality at this point! I am so happy! Finally, finally...things are looking up!

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