Monday, February 18, 2013

Tea tin window garden

These tea tins came from the cafe in the bookstore where I work. The baristas are saving them for me when they're empty, rather than throwing them in the trash.  I think they make really pretty planters, and I'm getting new ones all the time. Soon I'll have a large windowsill garden!

The middle two plants are tiny orchids I got for a throwaway price at the grocery store a month or so ago. I think I paid $2.50 for each. They had little pink flowers which have since dropped off, but now that they're repotted and getting good light they're growing new leaves and roots. The other two plants are ivy that I gave to my girlfriends as party favors at our last monthly get-together. They only graced my windowsill for a day.




  1. Did you pierce a small hole in the bottom?

  2. I just love your tea tins, and their contents are immensely cheerful to someone (like myself) who is up to her waist in snow. Thank you!