Sunday, February 10, 2013

So much to say.....

.....and not enough time to say it!!!

Things have been very, very busy around here lately. I've had a most interesting week, though.

On Tuesday I went for a long overdue visit with my elderly grandmother. We are finally developing the relationship we never had when I was growing up because she and my mother didn't get along. I was a bit nervous about staying with her (she lives 2 hours away, and I was afraid things would be awkward) but it turned out to be great! We had a good time catching up, and we have a lot more in common than I would have ever imagined. And I have some fascinating (to me, anyway) family history stories to share when I have more time to do them justice! One of my ancestors was traced back to his birth on the Ile de Re of France in 1608! I had no idea we had a French connection on her side of the family!

After I got home from the visit I finished some crafty projects around the house (pictures to follow soon!) and this afternoon I'm hosting another of my small monthly parties for my best girlfriends. Since it's Chinese New Year, we're having takeout Chinese food. And drinks, of course. It's going to be fun!

Tomorrow I hope to start catching up on my blogging. I have lots of details to share!


  1. Oh dear, I see you have an uninvited idiot above!!

    I believe we are genetically more like our maternal grandmothers than anyone else, so your compatibility should be great. Have you visited the Ile de Ré? Lovely!

  2. Grandparents can be a great source of family history. I wish I had taken a tape player on some of my visits. My memory isn't that good. X.