Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lovely Lynches River park

It has been a wonderful week off work for me, and the highlight was a one-night camping trip we took to nearby Lynches River county park. It's close enough (12 miles away) that we can easily go for a single night without too much trouble, and since Ginger the dog had never been camping before, we wanted to start her off with a very short trip to see how she would do. (She seemed to like it!).

Lynches River park is a true little gem hidden away in the middle of our boring little county. It has the beautiful river, of course, but also an educational/discovery center, cabins, campgrounds, a splash pad, archery range, a baseball field and playground, and lots of nature trails winding through the woods. The park is an excellent place to check out the flora and fauna of the Carolina Piedmont.

As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words, so here are some of the photos I took to share:

Spanish moss is everywhere
The river walk

A dog and her boy

Ginger beside Lynches river
Educational Discovery Center

A fenced off, old family graveyard from
before the days when this land was a public park.

Our trusty old tent.

Camp dog!

Crescent moon rising over camp.

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  1. If you went for 'peace and quiet', it looks perfect. Where were all the CROWDS?