Friday, June 7, 2013

Wind and rain, and a little home lovin'

Tropical storm Andrea has cruised up the east coast, bringing with it heavy winds, rain, and the threat of tornadoes. I slept until 11am this morning. I guess the pounding rain on the roof and the cool, gray light in my bedroom kept me lingering longer in the land of sleep.

This is my last day off before vacation (which starts next Tuesday!) and so I am determined to show our house a little bit of love today. I'm trying to avoid the term "housework" because I really really don't want to do housework today, and spending the day cleaning sounds as dismal as the weather outside! Instead, I'm telling myself I'm merely showing our  home a bit of love and attention. Once I get started I'll get in the groove, so to speak, and then the chores won't feel so arduous. Speaking of getting in the groove, I will be listening to free Internet radio as I work, and Marco always tries to sing along! At least I won't lack for company or entertainment while that crazy bird is around!

Time to dust again,
Time to caress my house,
to stroke all it's surfaces.
I want to think of it as a kind of lovemaking
.....the chance to appreciate by touch
what I live with and cherish.
                           -Gunilla Norris

1 comment:

  1. Sprucing - that's one of my favourite words for it (as in sprucing up). It's just more fun (and even, perhaps, productive sounding) to say I'm just sprucing up the house a touch, gonna make sure it's spic and span this weekend. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica