Thursday, April 30, 2015

May Day Eve...Spring Photos

Here are some pictures I took while visiting Raleigh, NC earlier this week. It's so pretty up there this time of year.

These were taken on my mother in law's street. You'd never guess her house is only a couple of blocks from downtown Raleigh.

I also took some pictures in her back yard. I love all the flowers.

We visited a park one afternoon and spent a little time by this lake. 

My mother in law and her husband.
We had a great visit. 


  1. That looks stunning. It amazes me that so many foreigners want to visit NY when there are places like this to visit.

    1. Thank you Cro! Raleigh is addition to all the beautiful natural areas, there are wonderful places to eat, museums, live music, a thriving arts community, universities, and the list goes on. And you are only a couple of hours' drive west to the mountains and east to the beaches.

  2. I was there twice in the last 16 years. Time to go back.