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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Normal blogging to resume, a thank you, and other assorted stuff!

Finally, our new computer has arrived!!

I'm so excited. It's better, faster, and far more up-to-date than the old one. Figuring out Windows 8 hasn't been quite as bad as I expected, but it's definitely different.

Normal blogging will resume shortly! And I'm about to give the blog a makeover, which will include a name change that I've been considering for months. I hope everyone will continue to follow my new and improved blog!

I would also like to thank everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday on my last post. I'm so grateful for my blogging friends around the world--you all make my life richer! My week off was relaxing, I had several get-togethers with friends and family that spanned the whole week and made me feel very loved and appreciated. And forty, to my surprise, feels pretty good!

While I shopped for a new computer, I took a  lot of photos to share, including some that will be a very belated addition to John's Blog Walking post from March. And there's been an exciting development in my search for a new job! I think my days of retail hell might be numbered! Since I don't want to jinx myself, I'll wait until everything is definite to go into more detail.

Oh, and today is April Fool's Day! Stay on your guard, everyone....there are lots of tricksters and practical jokers out there!


  1. Happy bitrhday Jennifer:) and good luck with the new computer and with every thing else.

  2. Belated birthday wishes m'dear, looking forward to your updates and all the goss ;-)

    1. Thanks John! I'm looking forward to blog walking with you this summer! :)

  3. I find Windows 8 very good. I have a touch screen laptop which I don't bother with, but everything else is quite user-friendly.

    1. I'm ready for tomorrow to get here (I have a day off) so I can sit down and take the time to really explore Windows 8. So many people have come in to the bookstore where I work looking for W8 user guides (and complaining bitterly about it) that I had expected it to be really hard. Instead, from what I've seen so far it seems to be very user friendly, as you say.

  4. I like the name of this blog...
    I'm sure the next will be just as good.

  5. That's wonderful! Though some days the last thing in the world I want is to see a computer, there's a huge difference between choosing to take a breather and being forced to because your computer gives up the ghost. It's awesome that you've got a new one and that you're able to navigate Windows 8. I had it on my old computer but opted for Windows 7 when I got this new one at the end of 2013, because I much preferred it personally.

    Wishing you and family a joyful Easter long weekend and a truly stellar spring!
    ♥ Jessica