Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sleeping Easy

So I made the decision not to take the new job that I was feeling so anxious and conflicted about. Tonight I composed an email thanking the lady who offered it to me, but letting her know that for personal reasons I would have to decline. After hitting send, I felt an enormous sense of relief. Tonight I will be sleeping easy for the first time in a week. I think that's a good sign that I made the right decision!

Oh, and here's something nice I wanted to share.  My little miniature rose bush is blooming! It's growing in a large container on my patio. I love it's sweet little flowers!


  1. Jennifer, I am pleased you have made you decision. Relax and enjoy life!

  2. Not sleeping for a week is a BAD sign.

  3. Any decision that gets rid of STRESS must be good. Well done!