Sunday, October 25, 2015

One photo says it all...

I got a photo in the grocery store today that illustrates everything that's wrong in the USA in 2015. The fact that we have idiots like this walking around in public, proudly displaying their ignorance for the world to see...

In case you have trouble seeing it, the full caption reads: "ASSAULT it or get the hell out!!!" And there's a picture of two assault rifles along with the ol' stars and stripes, and a skull.

That about sums up our culture, right on the back of a fiftysomething guy in the produce department of Food Lion.


  1. It is far wiser to demonstrate how fortunate people are to live in democratic countries, rather than to give in to their fears and tell them to get out. I can understand peoples annoyance at incomers who refuse to assimilate, but far better to befreind them than to alienate them.

  2. I love America and most Americans. It is genuinely a wonderful country. Okay there are idiots like the fellow in the T-shirt but many more Americans are kind, fun-loving and civilised. People like you and Jan and Mountain Thyme.

    1. Thank you! Most Americans are good people, I think.

  3. So many disturbing things. The weapons, the skull, the idea that it's a simple choice between loving the US or leaving. So much aggression there, I wouldn't like to meet up with this guy in a dark alley.

  4. Sad. I stay in my house, safe and quiet, with Franklin and Penelope.


  5. I am sad that he feels this way. So very sad.

    But I wonder is he someone who worked in the "Rust Belt" that has lost jobs to outsourcing or cheap
    illegal lower waged labor ?
    Or has applied for help, medical, or aid that he has been rejected.

    Now please don't hear Trump here but.....
    Living here in a Border State we see lots of unemployed former middle class workers (me) who have been pushed out of jobs and denied any help aid or services..
    Returning veterans who have been denied services especially up in Phoenix. They are traveling down here to Tucson to get help. But Illegals get instant aid if they have a baby for free in any hospital here. And demand their aid that goes with the new citizen. New citizen = money and services.
    It is not fair.

    Or maybe he is just a jerk. And a hater. Who knows ?
    Even so I would be interested in finding out what the shirt means to him and why ? But just in case with several big friends. and a camera.

    I waited to respond to your post because I knew several people would have dragged me over coals and called me names. But sometimes I think I can have a voice even if it is different from everyone else. By the way I am a life long (conservative) Democrate.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. My problem with the shirt was more about the assault rifles and the glorification of our gun culture than the fact that he said "Love it or leave it" about America. And my husband and I own guns, but I still feel the gun laws are ridiculously lax in this country and the NRA has a stranglehold on our politicians.

      As for anyone dragging you over the coals or calling you names, I would never allow that on my blog. Everyone is welcome to visit and comment as long as they're respectful to each other. :)

  6. I so agree about the guns and the NRA. Our gun law are horrific and I live where guns are needed. I have a very talented artist friend who takes fabulous photos of critters from Tucson to the Mexico border.
    With his friend who help with lights it is really just him and nature. He makes sure he stays on this side of the border and now carries a sidearm.
    He said I I am going to be shot I will not go down with out a fight.
    Sad so very sad.