Thursday, October 1, 2015

Up in the air

Well, everything here is still up in the air.

We can't tell yet what the hurricane might do, but most of the forecasts are now predicting it will make landfall north of us. I hope so, the storm is now category 4 with winds of 130+ mph. It's very, very dangerous and I hope it just spins out to sea and peters out over the colder North Atlantic ocean.  It could still head this way, though, so we're watching it closely and hoping for the best.

As for the call I got on Tuesday with a message left asking me to come in for an interview, I haven't been able to get back in touch with the lady. I called several times that afternoon and yesterday, and left two voicemails. No response. Today I decided that I've tried enough; I didn't call and I'm just waiting to see what happens. It seems really odd that someone would leave me a message asking for an interview but then not respond at all when I try repeatedly to get back in touch. The position is for this woman's secretary. She's the superintendent of curriculum and education for a local public school district. I'm hoping she's just busy and in dire need of a secretary. Maybe she'll call tomorrow. It's not the end of the world if she doesn't but I really want the job.

So, today has been all about taking a "wait and see" approach....on all fronts.


  1. Your predicted hurricane has made it into the UK press today; pictures of people boarding-up their homes etc. I hope it avoids where you are.

  2. Call her one more time, you never know.