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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Puppies, Parrots, and Peacocks

I have the sweetest puppies in the world. And yes, they will always be
referred to as "puppies" no matter how old they get! Just look at these two....


My parrot, Marco, is a real character. Yesterday morning he took a shower with me. When I put him back in his cage, I covered it with a drape so he could dry off without a draft from the ceiling fan above him giving him a chill. One corner in the upper left was open. A little while later, when I was about to leave for the day, Marco was hanging out there watching me gather my things. I said to him, "Jennifer's gotta go to work."
He looked me dead in the eye from the top corner of his cage and replied, 
"Alright. You be a good boy, ok?"

The pirate himself eating breakfast this morning.

A few weeks ago Gregg brought home a beautiful little baby African cichlid for me!
He's a Red Shouldered Peacock, and although he's still a baby, check out the awesome color he's already got!(And please excuse the quality of these photos. Aquarium fish are notoriously difficult to photograph, even for someone trying harder than I was).


  1. You be a good boy! That's adorable. Your puppies are darling, but I have the sweetest puppies in the world.


    1. This morning I told a friend about your parrot telling you to be a good boy. She loved it.

  2. They are very handsome dogs. Marco must have quite a vocabulary.

    1. Thanks, Andrew! Marco's vocabulary is pretty good. And he usually says appropriate things at appropriate times. He's a lot of fun!

  3. What a lovely (and colourful) little family! Jennifer. They'll definitely never let you down.
    What did you name the pretty little fish?
    Greetings Maria x

    1. He hasn't got a name yet, Maria! Any suggestions?

  4. Lady Magnon always refers to Bok as an 'old puppy'; which of course he is!

  5. Lovely post, it sounds as if you are feeling better.
    I'd really like to see/hear a video of Marco talking!

  6. awww it is so nice to see your furry and feather loves ! Along with the new fish.
    I always refer to my gud dug as puppy boos along with any number of sweet names.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. What fun to take a shower with your parrot and what a smart guy to talk to you and give you good advice.