Monday, August 12, 2019

First day back...

This is how it started:

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Marco loves to hang out with me in the morning. Sometimes he showers with me, sometimes he just perches on the shower curtain rod while I get ready. That's what he was doing this morning when he decided to jump down and land with a *plop* on top of my towel-covered head. I had to go grab my phone and get a picture. It was too funny to resist.

Then I went to work, and as soon as I sat down at my desk and started answering the phones it was like the last several weeks off never happened. The district rolled out a new online registration process that has a lot of parents confused and frustrated. It's beginning to look like next week (when the students come back) is going to be a bit...chaotic. We'll see.

It's still crazy hot outside. Putting on makeup again in the morning is unpleasant, since it's so easy to sweat it right off just walking to and from your car. As one of the local meteorologists put it on social media today:

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That's as good a description of life here in the summer as I've ever seen!

All in all, it was an "okay" first day back. And hey, there's only 189 more work days to go until my next summer vacation!


  1. You and Marco are both adorable!
    I'm glad school went well. I just heard from my daughter that her sons' bus took an hour to get them to school and TWO HOURS to get them home although they live approximately ten minutes from the school. There may be a few kinks to work out there.

  2. Love the photo.
    I can not wear makeup till winter. It is tinted sunscreen only and big sunglasses !
    You look wonderful just like that.

  3. That new registration system sounds potentially nightmarish. I bet that whoever dreamed it up doesn't have to make it work at the sharp end. I must admit that I wouldn't want a parrot watching me shower. Their beaks are lethal!

  4. Don't worry, it'll soon be Christmas.

  5. I was going to say what Cro said; in between those 189 days until your next summer off, there will be other, shorter holidays to break things up a bit.
    Lovely picture of you and Marco! On the few pictures I have seen of you, it does not seem to me that you need make-up; your skin looks good and clear, and your smile is great anyway.

  6. I love that photo... of you both! And that description of Carolina weather is classic!

  7. adorbs photo! only 188 more days til summer vacation!

  8. It's actually be rather comfortable up here lately.

    That's a great picture of Marco!!

  9. Love the picture! Glad you survived your first day!

  10. I love that picture! Hilarious. Marco has beautiful feathers on his breast -- very multicolored.

  11. You look lovely with your turban and parrot, puts me in mind of the singer of long ago, Carmen Miranda, though instead of Marco she wore fruit on her turban.