Thursday, August 1, 2019

Thoughts from the porch...

While I sit out here and watch a thunderstorm:

Our power sure seems to go off more often and for longer periods of time than at our last house. At least it's cooler outside and I can open windows. It's been 2 hours already from a puny little storm.

We have some picky spoiled birds that eat here! Money was tight the last time I went to buy seed for the feeders, so I got a cheaper mix than we normally offer. These fat bastards are snubbing the feeders, in what I can only assume is a bid to get back their fancy boutique bird feeding store gourmet mix. 

Speaking of spoiled animals, Ginger and George are LIVING IT UP this summer and have had me at their beck and call. Lazy, spoiled, and entitled...that's them.

And let's not forget Marco T. Barlow, the Terrorist in Feathers.

And finally....

How is it August already? And why doesn't time fly like this during the school year?


  1. I guess one of the good points of working in a school is getting the summer off. A bad point is that the summer flies by.


  2. In Winter I hang-up 'grease balls' for the birds. Last year I bought some cheaper ones than usual; they wouldn't touch them!

  3. Like Cro, I have had cheaper grease balls out for the birds, and they did not want them. My uncle told me that the grease that goes into those ready-made balls is of such minor quality that it really isn't fit as bird food.
    Yes, how can it be August already?! In my head, I am still thinking "I'll do this or that in the summer..." when it gradually slips (or, rather, races!) past me already.
    But for me, August has four birthdays to celebrate, and then in September, O.K. and I have two weeks off!

  4. Birds are funny, how they get accustomed to certain kinds of seeds. We have the same issue -- certain mixes they just don't go for as enthusiastically. And yeah, TELL me about summer going by too fast!

  5. Oh the animals of the house are in for a rude awakening when you go back to work! And how dare you buy budget seed,

  6. Terrorist in Feathers - haha, that's funny.

  7. MR GRUMPY Hey Mildred, I just found her blog! See! See that picture that's her ain't it honey?
    MRS GRUMPY Yup! Yup that's her okay Rocky! What's she call her blog?
    MR GRUMPY Sparrow Tree Journal!
    MRS GRUMPY What the hell kind of name is that?
    MR GRUMPY What's yer blog called Mildred?
    MRS GRUMPY I've telled ye before Rocky, it's "Love Thy Neighbor" (Pause) Shh! What's that Rocky?
    MR GRUMPY It's one of their goddam dogs!
    MRS GRUMPY We gotta report it to the mayor.
    MR GRUMPY What's he called?
    MRS GRUMPY It's Steve Wukela. You know Doug's boy.
    MR GRUMPY Oh yeah. I'll cal him in the morning!

    1. MRS GRUMPY Hey Rocky, "call" has got two l's you dumbass!

    2. I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but Mr. Grumpy is actually named GEORGE. Of all things.