Sunday, November 24, 2019

Busy Sunday

It's Sunday night again. Today was pretty standard: household chores, laundry, shopping. I tried to do a little extra this weekend because it's almost a holiday! My upcoming work week is only two days long and I want to go into it with a (mostly) clean house.

Thanksgiving is going to be a double anniversary in this house. First, Ginger showed up on our back porch the night before Thanksgiving 12 years ago. That's the anniversary of her adopting us! Then last year we moved into the new house on Thanksgiving was the first night we spent here. So Thanksgiving is a double homecoming in this family!

I bought the smallest whole turkey I could find at Food Lion. It's just over 16 pounds, which is a lot for two people, but the dogs will get their share. Plus, I can make turkey pot pie and turkey noodle soup with leftovers. Gregg's favorite way to eat it is in sandwiches. I prefer it in slices, served over cornbread dressing with a generous pool of gravy on top and a dollop of homemade cranberry sauce on the side. I'm planning to attempt cornbread dressing the way I remember my grandma making it. If it turns out well I'll share the recipe here.

(And yes, where I come from we call it "dressing" and not "stuffing". We bake it in a pan rather than stuffing it in the bird. It's my favorite Thanksgiving recipe).

I made a list of everything I'll be serving at the Christmas book club party and, in an effort to be frugal, started shopping the Thanksgiving sales for non perishable food items. So now I have a jump start on that, too. I've been busy this weekend.

Speaking of being busy, I always think about Ms. Moon cleaning her house and it smelling like "Fabuloso and vinegar" when she's done. I've wondered what that smells like, and then yesterday at the grocery store I found this:

Yay! I was looking for something to mop the kitchen with so I bought it. So now MY house smells of Fabuloso (without the vinegar)!  :)  I didn't realize until I mixed it with water that it's lavender scented. I don't care much for the scent of lavender and I doubt that's the kind Mary uses. Oh well. It smells okay.

I'm off to start our dinner (pork chops) and dessert (apple crisp). Have a good evening or morning, my friends!


  1. the crew that cleans my business office uses fabuloso; the office smells so good afterwards.

    I too did one load of laundry (today) and grocery shopping (yesterday). since it's just spouse and I, we go out to eat on thursday. we usually do japanese or vietnamese.

    happy ginger/house anniversary!

    spouse and I have a 3-day work week this week. then nothing til the end of december.

  2. I do use the Lavender! But honestly- whatever "scent" you use, it's going to smell like Mexico to me which is why I love it so. But I mix it with white vinegar when I mop and in a spray bottle. I like the two together.
    Apples and pork chops are the perfect combination. Always and however you do it.
    I'm not sure you can ever have too much turkey as leftovers.

  3. I was not aware of the Ginger story; How lovely!

  4. I look at Fabuloso on the shelf and think of Mary Moon, too. I don't clean, though. Don't judge me--I hire two lovely ladies to come in once a month. The only thing that looks bad is the dust, but they do it all anyway. And come to think about it, if those fans weren't dusted, eventually cobwebs would hand down.

  5. The thing I like about Turkey is that it makes so many different meals. I always look forward to cold slices with pickles, a Turkey curry, and of course soup for the following month.

  6. In some ways, it sounds amazing that you've been in your new house already a year. In other ways, it seems like you've always been there - it sounds and looks so much like your true home! How nice that it is also the anniversary of Ginger adopting you :-)
    Lavender? I love the old-fashioned, clean smell of it! When I wipe my floors (tiles in the kitchen and shower room, laminate in the rest of the flat), I always put a bit of lavender-scented cleaning liquid in the water. It smells nice but the scent does not last very long.

  7. Well with all that cooking the lavender fragrance will soon be history. We ordered a turkey here one year. It was about 19 pounds and everyone thought it was enormous. It just barely fit in our oven.

  8. We always have stuffing with our Christmas turkey though it never actually gets "stuffed" inside the turkey! Our favourite is always chestnut stuffing made from scratch - it is fabuloso!...But no turkey this Xmas - it will be a vegan feast instead!

  9. I have still never smelled Fabuloso so this remains a mystery to me. I'm pretty sure we don't have it in England. I wish we all had smell-o-blog (like John Waters' "smell-o-vision") so you or Ms. Moon could clue me in! LOL! Happy anniversary-of-homecoming to Ginger!

    1. (Oh, and happy new-house anniversary to you, too!)

  10. Your post is getting me excited about Thanksgiving. I hope your dressing turns out.

  11. We sell gallons of Fabuloso. I'm going to my sister's for the turkey... I'm bringing the desert. I bake much better than she.