Thursday, February 18, 2021


 Guess what?! Gregg and I both have appointments to get our first jabs tomorrow! The friend offered to get me in, too, and I was thrilled to accept! 

My principal was happy to let me have tomorrow afternoon off for such an important event. We have a 2:30 appointment. 

I'm so excited and grateful! I'll have to bake the friend a cake or cookies or something as a thank you. I feel incredibly fortunate! 

I'll check in tomorrow and let you know how it went.


  1. Brilliant! We have ours tomorrow afternoon too.

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    1. This is really great news for you and Gregg especially Gregg.
      Be well

  3. Great! I had my first shot last week. Good luck.

  4. That’s wonderful news, it will make things easier on you both

  5. That's great. And side effects from the vaccines seem to be pretty minor. I had an occasional ache at the vaccine site and that was about it.

  6. Excellent news. Wishing you very minor side effects ! I had the Pfizer and just had a sore arm.....P had the Astra Zeneca and didn't even have a sore arm, but went off his dinner the next night. A couple of friends have had shakes and chills and fatigue but only briefly. They say that if you have " side effects" you know that it is working!! Good Luck. x

  7. Congratulations! I am so happy for you and Greg. My Retired Man got his second shot the other day and had no after effects. My appointment is today I but can’t go due to the freezing ice storm and very dangerous roads.

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