Thursday, January 27, 2022

Update: weather and little friends

It's been another cold, cold day at the end of the coldest January this area's seen in a while. There's even some more snow in the forecast this weekend! They say we won't get quite as much as last weekend, but even a dusting is more than we've seen in the past four years. 

Little P. will be thrilled if it snows again. He showed up at school last Monday afternoon telling me about the fun he'd had playing in it on Saturday. He even built a snowman! I'm still waiting for his mom to show me pictures of it.

Two things (besides snow) are new with Little P. this week. 

1. He has a crush on a little girl in his class. He told me about it, in confidence (shhh!), and asked me how he could get the courage to talk to her and tell her he *likes* her. My advice to the young Romeo was to make friends with her just like he would with any other kid in his class. Today he reported that the little girl told him, "P----, you're really smart!" when he knew the answer to something--so it would seem things are going well in that department.

2. Every spring our school district has a "Vocal Star" talent contest with elementary, middle, and high school divisions. All students are welcome to try out. Little P. showed up Tuesday afternoon and told me he'd decided to audition for it! I was pretty surprised when he told me about it. At first he said he didn't know what he wanted to sing, but after an hour in his mom's office, he came back and told me he'd found a song! Hold on to your hats, friends, it's a good one! 

Hahahaha! I have NO IDEA how he picked this, or where he found it, but that's his choice and he's sticking to it. He's learning the lyrics and practicing, and when he comes by my desk and sails into the chorus of:

P: "I'm still standing......."
I've taken to jumping in with the:



 We do it several times in a row and laugh and laugh. That kid is a hoot! 


  1. hahaha you are so much fun!Little P made friends with the exact right person.

  2. That's a fun song! I approve of that choice. We've got the cold weather but no more snow. Just fog. :(

  3. This boy will go far; he'll let nothing hold him back!

  4. In 20 years or so, the world will know Little P. And we will remember how we first heard about him on your blog :-D

  5. I reckon you could write a book about Little P - he's going places in the future I think

  6. Is Little P allowed a backing singer at the audition? I know just the person to join him on stage and it's not his love crush girl.

  7. What a hilarious song to pick! I bet he liked that "yeah, yeah, yeah" part.

  8. Oh, Little P! He is famous already! At least here in Blogworld. Your advice to him about his crush was spot-on and it sounds to me as if the lucky girl on whom he has shone his attentions may feel the same.
    He is a rock star.

  9. How fun! You are so great at encouraging him!

  10. Little P is star material, for sure. I love the stories about him.

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