Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Midsummer greetings!

We've been doing an inventory of the animals we've been seeing or hearing around the neighborhood lately. It's apparently the time of year for new babies:

  • Every night for a couple of weeks now we hear two baby Barred Owls calling to their parents for food. It's a thin, high-pitched screech. We've seen the babies a few times, too. Power lines across the street from our house (close to a streetlight) are favored perching spots. 
  • Yesterday I spotted two baby deer standing in a neighbor's back yard. The property is bounded on the back side by a small, wooded lot, so I'm guessing they stay in there during the day. They're beautiful little creatures! My neighbor, Heather, saw one of the fawns along with its mother in her yard one evening last week. 
  • Bluebirds have another nest in our box right now, and from the frantic sounds of the babies inside, it won't be long before they fledge. There was an earlier brood nesting in there last month, but of course we have no idea if it's the same parent pair or not. There are lots of bluebirds around here.
  • Thanks to all the rain we've had over the last week, the nearby creek is alive with a frog chorus at night. 

Marco on the porch during a rainstorm.

My garden is really coming along. It's awfully late this year, but I'm hoping my patience is about to be rewarded. We have loads of green tomatoes, small peppers, and cucumbers. Another couple of weeks and we should have more produce than we know what to do with. Here's hoping, anyway! :)  I'm planning to make pickles and salsas and hot sauce with any extras.

And I just love all the flowers!

Two bees share a single blossom of Bee Balm.

Another baby: a tiny grasshopper on a marigold.

The latest zinnia...

Happy Summer Solstice, everyone!


  1. Happy Summer Solstice! The photo of the 2 bees sharing the bee balm is stunning!

  2. Every so often we have deer come into our yard and I just sit and stare at them; such graceful elegant creatures.
    Your flowers are gorgeous,

  3. Does Marco enjoy eating any garden produce?

  4. Nice flowers. Speaking of deer, last week, as I pulled into the store parking lot, a white tail buck was clip clopping through the parking lot.

  5. It seems here that most of the bird are on round 2 or 3 of a brood. And I've spotted an owl here...the first I recall ever seeing at the ancestral house.

  6. My wife recently spotted a Red Deer in a neighbour's garden, and I saw a Hare running in front of the car, otherwise we've seen very little wildlife here so far. Terrific storm here last night to welcome the solstice!!!

  7. I love it that you get so much joy from your garden and from the wildlife around you!
    Yesterday, I had my own private little summer solstice celebration: I made use of "the longest day" by going for a walk rather late, starting after 7:30 pm and walking right up until 9:30 pm, which was the exact time of sunset in my area.
    As for your mention of things being late this year, it's the opposite for us: Everything is really early. It's still only June, but fields and orchards look like they are about 3 weeks ahead. And it is way too dry (again).

  8. We've been hearing owls too. Always feels like a sort of blessing. Saw one alight on the ground the other evening, probably trying to snatch up a mouse or something we could not see from where we were watching.
    Enjoy your garden- I know you will.
    Isn't it nice to be able to have a connection with the dirt and the air and the sun and the water and all that grows?

  9. It's great to see all that new life. I occasionally hear owls in our back garden -- I guess they love all the rodents of London! I wonder what Marco is thinking, looking out at that rain.

  10. My grandkids are visiting right now and they were excited to see a bunny, a chipmunk, 2 squirrels, and some birds this morning in my backyard. They are moving to Texas today so they will have lots of new animals to watch for!

  11. Owls! My favorite! Lucky to have some!

  12. I especially love owls and to hear them and a chorus of frogs singing is a treat for you. My city neighborhood has lots of coyotes moving in, one gal shared photos of a mom coyote and her three cubs playing on the woman's deck.