Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gifted Art

That last post was a depressing piece of crap. I've already deleted it once, then revised it, and just now I wanted to delete it again. Instead of that, I'll just follow up with a post that's bound to be of more interest. Even mild interest.

My husband has been the lucky recipient of many gifts of art work over the years. I've never seen anything like it...and I'm not sure why it should be so, except that he's always had very diverse kinds of friends in his life, many of whom were/are artistic types.

There was an elderly lady named Margaret Joy (now sadly deceased) that was an especial friend of his. She was an artist with a lifetime's worth of watercolor and oil paintings in her home studio, and she gave him three of her paintings which now hang in our house. We count them as some of our most cherished possessions. One is a still life of vegetables in a bowl, another has birds sitting on a flowering tree branch, and one is of brightly colored koi fish. It's wonderful to have such lovely keepsakes from such a dear woman as Margaret. One of these days I'll post photos of them.

Then there was a young guy friend of Gregg's named Matthew, who painted two big canvas pieces as a gift for him. They're of the discus fish he was keeping at the time, and among his favorite things. The two paintings hang in our living room.

So then yesterday, Gregg came home with a small framed print given to him by the secretary at one of the elementary schools where he maintains aquariums. It's by a local artist and it's called "Wrapping the Palmetto". I believe it's supposed to be a South Carolina take on a Maypole, because the Palmetto is our state tree. I thought you all might enjoy seeing it.

What a nice little gift from an appreciative client!


  1. That is a happy painting and I look forward to seeing the others you mention.

  2. I love the happy maypole painting and look forward to seeing your other original art work.

  3. Cheerful colours too!
    Greetings Maria x

    1. ...and I love your fruit entry at JG's; very clever and very artful! xx

  4. I like it and being your state tree makes it more understandable for you. A gift from a customer is always very special.

  5. Art with a personal memory attached - either because we know/knew the artist or the place/person/scene depicted - is the best!
    The painting that used to be in my bedroom and has now been transferred to the kitchen is the only one in my flat, I have no other pictures on any wall. The painter is a friend of mine who actually earns his living as a musician but paints in his free time. He is Spanish and lives in Amsterdam. We were briefly... involved, but have remained friends, and although nobody but me seems to like the painting, it will stay here where I can see it every day. Carlos is a huge Van Gogh fan and has done many variations on his "Sunflower" theme - my painting is one of them.

  6. That's an awesome painting