Friday, June 24, 2016

ImPEACHable Trump

This was my submission to John Gray's novelty fruit and vegetable contest for the Trelawnyd flower show. I call it "ImPEACHable Trump". I was inspired to create a Trump effigy from peaches when I realized that a bowlful of them sitting on our dining room table were starting to go rotten.... that, and their vivid orange color.

A blogger I follow said this morning that he hopes the Brexit vote doesn't foreshadow the election of Donald Trump this November. Then I read somewhere else that Trump thought Britain leaving the EU was a great idea. I don't know much about British politics, but anything Trump endorses sends a cold chill down my spine.

I sure hope everything is going to be ok across the pond. I'm worried about my friends over there.


  1. You've captured the spirit of Trump with this fruit sculpture. He very much resembles fruit about to go off.

  2. Yes. I saw this on Nurse Gray's blog. The likeness to D.Trump is uncanny. Did you eat him after the picture was snapped or just throw him into the garbage can?

    1. Straight to the garbage for him. Which is what I hope happens on election day in November.

  3. Other than financial markets going through some initial turmoil, I don't suppose things will change too much over here. The UK will be able once more to make its own political decisions (and not dictated to by Brussels), and Europe will still need to export all their cars, white goods, etc, to them. By the way, I voted to stay.

  4. Jennifer, both your picture and the explanation are brilliant! Thanks for the laugh - although it's not, of course, the kind of happy, fun-induced, whole-hearted belly laugh.

  5. That is just brilliant. Until John's competition, I didn't realise how many real sculptors there are in the world.

  6. Very clever, Jennifer - we know exactly who it is - the garbage is the best place for him !
    Unsettling and uncertain times ahead for us as ex-pats in mainland Europe. Yesterday my Dutch next door neighbour offered her commiserations on the result ! We weren't able to vote because we've been out of the UK for more than 15 years (so much for British democracy) as have more than 2 million other Brits around the world - also denied a vote. Ironically if they been able to vote, it's just possible the result might have swung the vote to stay.
    Interesting comment made yesterday, it's possible many of the leave voters view the referendum in the same way as a general election vote, and think they'll be able to vote, the opposite way, in four years time.

  7. The Brexit vote is surely going to make a difference to the coming elections in the States.
    Hope it will be for good.

  8. I think the color is very close to reality.