Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Random Wednesday tidbits

 I took this photo in my backyard the other day. We had no idea they were growing here, so they were a nice surprise in all their spidery glory:

I had to put my phone on the ground to get that angle. In case you were wondering.

For those of you who responded to my last post, here's a photo I took of me and little P. this afternoon in front of the aquarium:

Can you tell he's laughing in this picture? That's because he'd just asked me "how do fish go to the bathroom?" and I responded, "They just let it rip!" and he thought that was the funniest thing he'd ever heard. He kept saying, "When are they going to let it rip?!" and cracking up. I'd forgotten how much little boys love potty humor, even potty humor as mild as that! This kid always makes me laugh. When he got to school today I was standing at the front door speaking Spanish to a family I'd just called a taxi for (they're from Honduras and don't speak any English). He asked me, "Mrs. Barlow, was that real Spanish?" I told him it was, indeed, real. Probably not very good, but real. Ha!

I'm cooking the first batch of homemade vegetarian chili of the season. I put the pre soaked beans (black and kidney) on to simmer slowly in the crock pot first thing this morning. As soon as I got home from work I added chopped purple onion, red bell pepper, jalapenos, two big cans of diced tomatoes and plenty of seasoning spices. I made a lot of it, so after we eat it for a few days this week there will be a lot to freeze in individual portions. Chili is so versatile that I love having plenty of it on hand in the freezer once the weather cools down. Which it has been.

It's a pretty day outside, and tonight it's going to get down into the low 50s. I love this weather! The leaves are just starting to turn a little and the sky is so much bluer when the heat and humidity go away. We've been taking George for an extra walk early in the mornings these days, and we made a nice discovery last week. One of our neighbors has a clearing in the woods behind her house, and just as the sun comes up she comes outside and feeds a family of deer! We saw her the first day tossing ears of corn over the fence and what looked like two does, a small buck, and a baby standing there, tame and looking for their breakfast. Now we see the deer every morning as we walk past, and we stop and stand there and watch the neighbor bring food out to them. We haven't met her yet, but she must be a good sort. And it's a treat to see those deer as the sun comes up and we're out walking around the neighborhood. George is quiet and patient while we watch.

I didn't watch the debate last night. I knew all the highlights (lowlights?) would be all over the news and social media today and I knew I'd never sleep a wink if I got myself all worked up over politics right before bed. I see that 45 called on the Proud Boys (a far right, violent, white supremist group) to be on "stand by" for the upcoming election. I want to throw up when I think about what might happen in the next few weeks. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm frightened. I can't wait until this election is over no matter what comes of it. I've decided the best thing right now is to try not to think about it too much, and to go on with life like normal. Look for the good. Try to be an example of decency and kindness and not contribute to negativity any more than I have to. 


  1. "Look for the good. Try to be an example of decency and kindness". That is a noble and praiseworthy philosophy to subscribe to Jennifer. I watched the debate and I was delighted to see Mr Biden on top as The Big Head drowned in his disgusting vindictiveness. Surely. Surely. Right thinking Americans in the middle will now turn away from Trump in droves. He is simply not presidential.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Neil. There have been far, far more people that disapprove of Trump than like him from the beginning. Gerrymandering and the Electoral College got us into this mess. I hope we can do the will of the majority of the American people and GET HIM OUT in November.

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  2. Jennifer, that's a great photo, I certainly see much happiness there, it appears to me that you're both laughing in that picture. Laughter is such good medicine.

    I really like your photo of that spider looking flower too, it's truly beautiful!

    I'm so glad autumn is just around the corner seeing it's my favorite season.

    As for that debate, I also missed it.

    Have a peaceful night.

    1. We were both laughing! Thank you for stopping by. Those spider lilies (or "hurricane lilies") always pop up in this area in the fall, and that seems appropriate since Halloween is getting closer!

  3. OMB, lil P IS SO CUTE! and the 12 year old boy inside me laughed at the potty humor. of course, you are gorgeous as always.

    I didn't watch the debate either. I figured it would be a shitshow.

    right now I am knitting hats for the homeless in the city. each year, my local yarn shop does a charity project for a non-profit agency. I have 2 hats completed, 1 on the needles, and 1 waiting to be cast on. each hat takes 1 week to complete. I'm feeling useful in this endeavor.

    interesting flower!

    1. I think it's wonderful that you're knitting warm hats for the homeless! Good for you Anne Marie! I love that.

  4. I only just heard about the 'Proud Boys' this morning. I fear that many such groups, on both sides, will be appearing before long. Not good.

    1. There's only one side that has groups like the Proud Boys trying to terrorize and intimidate citizens. Most of the accusations of violent far left radicals are either completely or mostly outright lies and propaganda.

  5. I love that picture of you and little P.! He is adorable and yes, even with the mask I can tell he has a big smile. I can almost hear him giggling! How wonderful to get to see the family of deer on your walk in the mornings!

    Isn't chili the greatest food in cool weather? I love it because we can get so many meals out of one big pot. We had it over the weekend and since then we have had chili dogs one night and tonight we had baked potatoes stuffed with chili and cheese. We also put some in the freezer to have later.

    Enjoy the beautiful Fall weather!

    1. Baked potatoes stuffed with chili and cheese sounds GREAT! And I have some potatoes that need to be used up, so thank you for the idea! I love chili. It really is super versatile and can stretch a long way. Not to mention, it's cheap!

  6. Lovely photo of you and the smiling Mr. P.

  7. Darling P.! "Let 'er rip!" I know he loved that so much. He must adore you.
    You have hurricane lilies, Jennifer! Such a fantastic photo.
    It's cool here too and we are so happy about that. Now yes- let's get through the election with as much of our sanity as we can.
    I am so grateful for our community here. We support each other through these terribly hard times. We know we are not alone.

    1. I, too, am grateful for the community we've found in this strange world of blogs. I can't tell you how much it comforts me to know all of you good people are out there. It gives me hope.

  8. P’s eyes say everything, Jennifer. It is wonderful.

    I watched the whole debacle and couldn’t sleep afterwards. Ten minutes after it began, I texted my sister that I had never seen anything like this before. Like he has done with our country, he wanted to steamroll everybody and everything with his lies and vitriol.. Yesterday he bragged about it telling more lies. Hopefully, there will be no next one. Many hearts can’t handle it.

    1. It's so awful! It can overwhelm me if I think about it too much. I knew I'd never be able to sleep if I watched and I had to get up for work the next morning.

  9. "Let 'er rip!" Kids are so funny. Toilet humor is everything for boys at that age.

    I admire your determination to "look for the good" and not contribute to the negativity. There's so much of it out there. I aspire to that myself but I suspect I'm not very successful. LOL

    I'd love to see some photos of those deer!

    1. It's too far away from the street to get a picture of the deer. I wish I could! How are things going in your school library this year? It's a strange year for us.

    2. Oh, it's VERY strange here too, but we're hanging in there. I find that there is a natural trend toward normalization, which is both comforting and scary -- meaning the school tends over time to abandon or soften on some of the Covid-prevention rules.

  10. Beautiful flowers, and a lovely picture of you and P.! Yes, his smile can be clearly seen in his eyes - I love it that he cracks up at something like "let it rip", it would have made me ROFL as a kid, too (and nearly does now, at 52!).
    The debate was the first topic on last night's main news on TV here, we do follow closely what is going on; closely, and with despair. The country we used to look up to has changed so much, and not for the better, I'm afraid.
    You are right in not getting worked up about it just before bedtime, and like YP, I think you have put it perfectly right with your philosophy of looking for the good and trying not to contribute to negativity.
    I wish I could have smelled your kitchen when you were making that chili! And that family of deer - it has put the loveliest image in my mind. Thank you.

    1. Those deer are so beautiful and it's a lovely way to begin each day. We saw them this morning, standing quietly by the fence waiting on their breakfast. :)

      The chili smells good again tonight, and will probably taste better than it did last night. Chili is one of those dishes that's always improved by time and reheating.

  11. OK, blogger is really beginning to piss me off. Fourth attempt to comment. Errors every time. ANYWAY, I'll keep it simple: This boy has never outgrown his taste for potty humor. So, thanks.

    1. Haha! Dudes always love that kind of humor. I know my husband does! Sorry about Blogger and its shananigans.

  12. His Proud Boy comment has pretty much thrown the shit into the fan and now it's spraying all over his campaign.

    Love that flower at the top!! One of those little dazzlers that surprise you.

    1. I hope it sprays all over his campaign! And him, and his supporters, and all the PB losers.

  13. I couldn't watch the debate.
    Love the flower photo happiness for this morning.

    1. Hey! Thank you for the sweet card. It came the other day and it made me smile.

  14. You have such a loving attitude. Laughing with P, being kind and not focusing on the negative. It is really the best thing to do now with so much craziness going on until the election. He wants to upset us so if we can stay calm and positive, he loses. Thanks for a happy post!

  15. I could not watch the debate. Like you, I figured the media would fill me in well enough. I understand the next one will be a town talk format. What if he blasts hatred all over some old lady? Or walks off because he doesn't like the question.
    And now I've filled up the box with politics. I am sorry. Your little charmer is laughing and those red flowers are off like fireworks.

  16. good for you with that last sentence ! good advice for us all.

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