Thursday, October 28, 2010

Houseguest for All Hallows

We have a tiny guest that has taken up residence in our main bathroom. It's a small brown spider that has built a tiny web in a corner by our shower. Some people would be horrified and would do her harm immediately, but not me. I have an odd sort of affection for spiders, and consider one showing up good luck to us as long as we show it hospitality!

 I have been a fairly serious gardener for the last ten years or so, and I learned early on to love the beautiful, intricate webs the garden spiders spun. Early dew on late summer/early autumn mornings made the webs sparkle like diamonds, and it's hard for me to imagine how anyone could not admire a creature capable of building such a thing! Some of the spiders themselves were beautiful, too. I've seen spiders with all manner of colored stripes, dots, and markings. And daddy longlegs are just downright cute, in my opinion!

Of course I know that some spiders can be dangerous, or even deadly. Actually, all spiders are dangerous and deadly! That is what makes them such a friend to gardeners, since they can really knock back some insect populations that would otherwise feast on our precious gardens. That's some earth friendly pest control for sure!

One of the things I love about my husband is his respect and care for animals, even the kinda scary ones like our little guest. Just this morning after his shower he came to inform me the little spider was actually in the shower today, probably getting a drink. He was careful to not let her get sprayed with water, since he didn't want to drown her. He did suggest that I help her to "move along"  today since it's warmer and rainy outside. He has respect for spiders, but isn't totally comfortable with one living in our shower! So I will help her to pack her bags and go. Maybe she can live on the outside of the front door, where there will be a bit of shelter for her to build a new web. And possibly send our home blessings in return for the care shown her.