Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's pumpkin madness!

I keep buying pumpkins lately. I'm going to have quite the lineup of jack'o'lanterns on Halloween night! So far I have one biggish orange pumpkin, 3 medium sized orange pumpkins, 1 medium white pumpkin, and a pile of little tiny baby sized pumpkins and assorted gourds.

They're all lined up on our front steps right now. I need to go pick up some new rechargeable batteries for my camera so that I can post new pictures. The street I live on is finally getting some nice color, and pumpkins, halloween decor, and potted mums are adorning lots of houses already! There is a church selling pumpkins cheap right down the road...I wonder how many I'm going to end up with because of driving past on my way to work every day! :)

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