Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome October!

It's October 1st, and where the heck did September go?! It seems like last month just flew by. We are finally getting some color in the trees around here, but due to the lack of rain in the latter half of August and the first 3 weeks of September, I'm not sure that the colors are going to be all that vivid this year. We did make up most of the rain in the last few days though, thanks to the tropical storm that cruised up the east coast over the last few days.

Ginger is restless and I've got to take her for a long walk this morning before work. She mopes when it rains, and being a real high-energy kind of dog she needs her daily trek around the neighborhood! Thanks to the rain and my getting called in to work early yesterday, it's been several days since we've gone and she keeps looking at me reproachfully. It looks like it may start raining again any minute, but I'll just have to take an umbrella with us. Otherwise I'm going to have a mad doggie on my hands!

So now I leave you with the first of my halloween themed links to celebrate the month! I found this over at another blog, buried in the archives. It's Halloween Hangman! Loads of fun, and the skeleton on the rope will taunt you if you guess a wrong letter. Too cute!

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  1. I just discovered your blog recently and was reading some of your early posts when I came across your link to Halloween Hangman. I've always loved playing Hangman and am delighted with this version. Thanks loads!