Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring showers and things I mean to do

Today we were treated to a long drenching downpour of warm rain. The afternoon has been dark, windy, and wet, but so warm that it feels like March already. I am becoming cautiously optimistic that this freakishly warm weather will hold and winter will just disappear without much of a visit this year. The crabapple trees, daffodils, and forsythia are blooming. There are Bradford pears and Redbud trees about to begin, as well. The birds are active and very vocal, and the little house finches are back at the feeders from their winter abroad. I would hate to see a real freeze now!

Things I must immediately begin taking pictures of, to show the blog (I've been very slack in this regard!):

1. The two alcapa wool hats I knit for Gregg while he was in the hospital. They turned out great!

2. A sweet little handpainted merino wool hat I made for a friend's imminent baby nephew.

3. The gourmet (haha) organic colorful meals and snacks I've been preparing for Gregg's (and my) benefit. It's especially important right now, given that the chemotherapy is giving him a weird taste in his mouth and he's losing his appetite. I've been carving fruit for fruit salads, making fresh juice and kefir smoothies, steaming veggies and roasting organic/pastured/local meats in the crockpot for soups and stews..and trying to garnish everything so that it's pleasing to the eye as well as the tastebuds. Some of our meals have been nice looking (and tasting!) and I've had the urge to post some pictures and recipes if anyone is interested.

4. Ginger, the awesome therapy dog! She has been walking miles each day with us, and is a huge factor in how quickly Gregg is getting well. She looks good right now, too. All the walking has her looking trim, fit, and muscular. She's a beauty, and it's obvious she's in glowing good health. If the exercise is only a fraction as good for us as it's been for her, it's worth it! I'll add some beauty shots this weekend.

I am off work for the next few days and after I catch up a bit on the housework and bills (ugh) I will take some time to blog. I also plan to take a bit of time to relax, as well. These mild rainy days are perfect not only for catching up on home maintenance, but also naps and daydreaming.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring morning

It's a beautiful early spring day here in my part of the world. The trees are budding, daffodils are blooming, birds are busy with nest building, and the air is mild. The days are decidedly longer now. Everything smells fresh and new.

Today is Gregg's first (the first of four) chemotherapy treatment. We are hoping that the side effects will be mild and manageable, and that the next two months go by quickly. Soon all the medical treatments will be over and we can enjoy the rest of the spring and the summer ahead. We are all getting healthy and strong at our house: we're walking (Gregg, Ginger, and me) about 3 miles a day and eating right. Ginger looks trim and strong. Gregg is getting healthier by the day. I have lost 36 pounds since late last summer, and am working on resolving my own health issues.

The spirit of spring is all about change, and we are changing our lifestyle to a healthier way of living. We want to live to see and enjoy many more early spring mornings together!

May we all see positive change manifesting in our lives as the earth reawakens.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Well, Lady Winter is back. It's 22F this morning and windy.

I think I need a thicker sweater......


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Minding the details

This has been a very strange winter, weather-wise. It doesn't seem like we've had a winter, actually. Everything is budding and blooming a full 3 weeks early. I hate to think of a late freeze killing everything off, but I can see it happening. I know the farmers are worried about fruit trees budding out at the beginning of February. A few years ago we had a mid-April deep freeze one night, and lots of crops suffered that year, especially things like peaches and pecans.

Although I am a bit uneasy with this freakishly warm winter, I have to admit there are good things about it. I'm enjoying the flowers that are making an early appearance even though I am a bit uneasy for them. I love tulip magnolias, and they are bursting into bloom all over town right now. The flowers never last long, and since next week the lowest forecast temperatures are only in the mid-thirties, there isn't much danger of a freeze having a chance to do any damage. I'm glad. I think they're beautiful and I look forward to their brief stay each year. We've also been seeing forsythia and daffodils all over the place.

The full moon is so beautiful this week. Gregg and I have been taking walks around the neighborhood almost every night lately. Tonight while the full moon was still low in the east it was a gorgeous peach color. I love seeing it rising behind the tall pine trees in our neighborhood! We went out very late last night and the moon was almost directly overhead, shining silver down on the three of us. Lovely.

I have been very busy in the last few weeks, minding the details of daily life. Gregg is improving all the time, but has still not been well enough to do any heavy housework or to go back to work. I have had to shoulder more of the household responsibilities, as well taking care of him and holding down my job. I keep meaning to blog more, and then each day I wind up collapsing into bed, exhausted. But I intend to get better about blogging more regularly. I have learned so much already from this experience that I want (need) to write about some of it. When I'm not so tired! :)

Today we met with an oncologist for the first time. Gregg starts chemotherapy later this month. It will include 4 "sessions" (IV meds) spaced three weeks apart, which means it will be early May when he finishes up. Gregg is almost more afraid of the chemo than the operation. I was terrified by the operation; chemo doesn't seem nearly so scary to me as having a lung removed! I am sure he's going to tolerate the treatment very well, since he did so well with the surgery. I married a strong, strong man!