Saturday, February 23, 2019

Wine for one

Last night I posted this on Facebook:

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Wine for one. It's been a rough day! 

And it was. A rough day, I mean. The school secretary was taking a vacation day off, the office assistant had to cover a classroom all day when a substitute failed to show up, and I had responsibility for the whole office--all the phone calls, buzzing people in at the front door (the camera and speaker are on my desk), checking IDs on people signing students out, taking messages for the administrators and counselors, etc..--all by myself. On a Friday, when dozens of kids get signed out early.  And yesterday we had a surprise assembly for the 8th graders at 2:30 where two former NFL football players came to the school to speak. That meant that all the kids that got signed out from about 2pm on were down in a noisy assembly in the gym and I had to radio down there repeatedly to get someone to find them. Then after I did afternoon announcements at dismissal, I had to listen for buses to announce as well as calls on the walkies for kids to report to the car lines. And I still hadn't finished my discipline reports that have to be done before I can leave. I was ready to pull my damn hair out by the end of all that!

So I felt that a couple of glasses of wine were well deserved. Gregg doesn't care for alcohol in any form so I had to drink alone. Note the pretty wineglass with my initials on it--it was part of a set that Marla gave me for Christmas that she engraved herself! The wine is a nice red blend that I enjoy.

The only bad thing about having a couple of glasses of wine was falling asleep at 9:30pm on a Friday night! I can't hold my liquor like I used to. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Sheffield fly-over honors WWII American airmen

I read an article in our local paper yesterday about a movement to honor a crew of American WWII airmen who sacrificed their lives to save a group of children in Sheffield, England in 1944. I immediately thought of my friend Yorkshire Pudding who lives in Sheffield. I hope he will get a chance to see the memorial fly-over on Friday.

Here is the first part of the article:

SHEFFIELD, England (AP) — Tony Foulds has a routine when he visits the memorial for 10 American airmen killed in World War II.
First, he kisses his finger and lays it on the metal plate bearing their names. Then he sits beside the rock, laying a shaky hand on its smooth slope with the care of someone offering comfort to a loved one. As he taps the stone, Foulds tells the airmen about the weather and his plans for the day.
It's the least he can do, because Foulds believes the young Americans sacrificed their lives to save his. The pilot decided not to land his crippled plane on Endcliffe Park, in the English city of Sheffield, to avoid a group of children on the grass.
"I pray for them every morning," the 82-year-old retired engineer said. "I would've been dead if they didn't do what they did."
Tony has long dreamed of a more public recognition of the sacrifice made by the crew of the B-17G Flying Fortress nicknamed "Mi Amigo." He wanted an aerial display — a flypast— befitting men who fought in the sky.
On Friday, he will get his wish. The U.S. and the Royal Air Force are set to honor Lt. John G. Kriegshauser and his crew.
But even that won't ease Foulds' guilt...

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Another lazy weekend

I've spent another weekend basically hidden away at home. The weather has been chilly and damp, as per usual for this winter, and not very nice for being outdoors. Since I got most of the household chores I was planning done yesterday I did absolutely nothing today...unless you count a two and half hour nap! I slept so hard that I had vivid dreams and woke up confused about what day/time it was. There went the whole afternoon, which was kind of  a bummer, but it felt good to rest.

Ah, well. Such is life.

I need to go shoe shopping. All of a sudden last year I realized that none of my shoes were fitting properly. Apparently I've gone up a half size at the ripe old age of 43. So I had to get rid of most of my shoes right before moving here and I only have one good pair for work. I meant to go out and shop for more today, but it just didn't work out. I couldn't bring myself to go out and face crowds of Sunday shoppers on a cold wet Sunday afternoon, so I took a nap instead.

Now that I'm really awake and it's almost time for Gregg to get home, I'm off to pour a glass of wine and begin our supper. I'm making a hamburger casserole, one of those classic ones that have a mashed potato and melted cheese topping. Not fancy food, but it will taste good.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything good, get anything accomplished, or rest and relax like me? 

I'll be girding my loins to face the craziness of a Monday morning at a middle school tomorrow. 

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Have a good one, everyone!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


After only 3 months in our new house, last night we cleaned out and organized the garage enough to fit my car inside. For three months we put off a job that only took an hour and a half. We felt kind of foolish.

The whole left side of the garage is full of aquariums, aquarium gear, buckets of coral skeleton and substrates, and on and on.... but at least it all makes more sense now and we can walk around and access everything. Most importantly, we can fit my car inside to protect it from the weather. We just paid it off right before buying the house, and it's our only really reliable vehicle. Gregg has a 1996 Ford Ranger truck that probably has over 300,000 miles on it. He uses it for driving to work at the pet store and also for his nearby aquarium maintenance jobs, but we don't trust it for using outside of about a 10 mile radius. But for an old Sanford & Son type work truck, it's awesome...perfect for hauling stuff around and not worrying too much about the paint job or getting dents in it, and it's super cheap to own. The insurance and taxes on it are negligible. There's no real need to keep it inside the garage, since it's in poor condition on the outside. My car, however, is the "main" vehicle and we're trying hard to keep it in excellent condition, inside and out.

Speaking of cleaning out the garage last night, both of our dogs freaked out. They were on the porch watching us move around boxes and rearrange stuff and it seems that they got scared that we might be about to move again. Ginger watched us with big eyes full of reproach, and George started whining and barking at us. We felt so guilty! Ginger, in particular, has had a hard time adjusting to the move and is just finally starting to seem settled in here and happy again. We had no idea that working on the garage would be a triggering event for both of them! The move was apparently more traumatic for them than we knew!

Honestly. we should have gotten the garage cleaned up long before now. There's no excuse at all for it. As soon as we got the inside of the house somewhat in order, the holidays  hit, and after that was over we just wanted to sit around and enjoy the place for awhile. Well, it's time to get back to work! Spring is coming (actually, judging by the weather this month spring is here) and there are a million and one things I want to accomplish in the house and in the yard before the heat of the summer arrives. Do you procrastinate? How do you overcome the tendency? I always wait to the last minute to get things done, and I hate it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Garden plans

Three friends came to visit on Sunday who hadn't seen the new house yet. Look at the beautiful hyacinths they brought for a housewarming gift:

It was a funny coincidence that just the night before I was telling Gregg that I plan to plant hyacinth and daffodil bulbs around the bottoms of five crepe myrtle trees on the side of the house. Now I have a head start with the hyacinths! As soon as these finish blooming I'll plant them outside for next year. 

I've been having a lot of fun planning what I'm going to plant on our tiny little property. So far these are the things I've decided to have for sure:

  • Four 8x4 raised beds as a permanent place to grow veggies and some annual herbs. These will be on the sunniest side of the back yard, and will probably be made of brick or concrete blocks instead of the standard wooden frames. 
  • A large raised bed in front of the back porch that will be planted with perennial herbs and flowers for attracting bees and butterflies.
  • A fig tree in the back left corner of the back yard. Probably the variety "Celeste".
  • Two pomegranate shrubs, also in the back yard. I already have one that's been living in a large pot for years, and now it's time to give it a permanent home. I've read that you can increase flowering and fruiting if you have two or more, which is why I plan to buy another. Some of my neighbors had them when I was growing up and we kids enjoyed eating them in the summer.
  • Two or three camellias in the back, too, to cover up the spots where we can see through to our jerk neighbor's back yard. Camellias have that wonderful evergreen foliage that will make a nice screen year round. In the winter, nothing is any prettier than camellias in flower, cheering up the otherwise dull landscape. I have no idea what colors/varieties to pick, though. If Ms. Moon has any thoughts on this I'd love to hear them! She's the Queen of beautiful camellia flowers!
  • In the front yard, I want to eventually plant a small bed of roses with some nice companion flowers to go along with them. One rose I know I want is the famous "Peace" rose, but I've not decided which others to include. Any rose lovers reading that would like to offer suggestions? Somewhere on this property (maybe up the Southeast corner of the house) I'd like to plant a climbing "Don Juan" rose, but that's the only other variety I've decided on for now.
Of course, this is all going to take some time to accomplish (and to afford!). I plan to start with planting the fig tree (this spring) since a tree needs the most time to get established. Hopefully this summer while I'm off I can work on building the raised beds, at least.  I have enough plans already to keep me busy for years!