Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Comforts of Home

Yesterday was a perfect autumn day here in my little part of the world. Chilly, damp, overcast, but with bright piles of leaves everywhere and trees still sporting plenty of their autumn finery! A perfect day for curling up with a cup of coffee, my knitting, and an NPR podcast to listen to on the computer. I am working on a tiny hat for a coworker's baby girl. It's a gorgeous hand painted merino yarn, in sock weight so it's taking forever to finish. The bamboo needles I'm using look like toothpicks! But it's going to be worth it. The merino is super soft and the colors remind one of the beach...soft blues, sand, and coral. Perfect to match the baby girl's big blue eyes! 

I love days like that. Even though the sun is out this morning and the colors outside of my window look brighter in the sunlight, I love overcast winter days when the urge to hibernate comes over me. A good book, knitting, warm drinks, comfort food all enjoyed in a cozy house...these things make me feel content.

I did take Ginger for her morning walk, and captured a few photos of our street right now. We had to duck under the slide at the park to escape the rain one time! Thank goodness it only lasted a few minutes.

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