Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This and that

Just a few random notes today to catch up.

I had my second (hopefully last) interview at the bookstore today. I think it went well, and I should know one way or the other within the week. I got a pay rate for the position, and it was a little better than I expected, so that made me happy. The regional manager seemed nice, and I'm pretty sure they want me, but I was really nervous anyway. We did the interview (which lasted over an hour) beside a sunny window, and between the heat from the window and my nerves, I had sweat rolling down my sides. That was not a comfortable feeling! I think it went fairly well, but as in every interview I've ever had, a couple of times my mind just went blank after a question, and I found myself rambling all around the subject, because I just couldn't think. I thought that having done lots of hiring and interviewing (from the other side of the desk, so to speak) at the current job for the past 7 years would help me to not be nervous about being interviewed myself. Wrong! :)  I just hope I didn't sound like too much of an idiot!

The sun is out today, finally. It's been raining for days, and that has been interfering with my daily exercise. This morning I took Ginger for  a brisk 2 mile walk. It felt good! I need to lose some weight (actually, a good bit of weight) and one of things I promised myself was that I would walk every day, except during truly inclement weather. I am also trying to kick the eating out habit, which has been difficult since I haven't yet been able to establish better planning and shopping routines. I am working on it.

Taxes. Ugh. It's time to do them. Although we will be getting a refund, I dread doing the paperwork. And since I consider it a shameful waste of money to pay someone else to do them I will have to spend a few days working on that as well. Husband has a small second income that the taxes have to be calculated on (it's self employment) so that makes our returns a bit harder to deal with than usual.

What else? A lady rear-ended me at a red light a couple of weeks ago. The damage is minor, but it still needs to be looked at by a body shop (the adjusters saw it last week). I need to schedule that today. I also had a dentist appointment yesterday...the errands and responsibilities seem endless right now!

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