Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You say it's your birthday....

Today is my birthday. I cannot believe I am 36 years old! How the heck did that happen so fast? :) I still feel like I'm in my mid twenties. I'm always kind of surprised when I remember my real age!

Today is going to be a low key birthday. GB has to work until 5pm, but my mom and dad are driving into town to take me to lunch (and maybe shopping at the farmer's market). After that I'll just be hanging out with Ginger and Marco this afternoon.  I am already losing touch with the work friends I had at my old job, so I don't really expect to hear from any of them except on facebook...which is fine, of course. I didn't mention my birthday at my new job-it's mere chance that I was scheduled for today off-because I felt weird about mentioning it to people I barely know. My inlaws will probably call. And tonight I will order in something good to eat, and then we'll probably watch a movie or something. Then, back to work! I do have this coming weekend off, the first weekend since I started the job, and GB and I may go to a nearby campground with Ginger and stay a night if the weather is nice. We'll see!

I did order myself a really cool t shirt from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab as a gift to myself this year. If you've never heard of BPAL, get yourself over to their website immediately and check it out! Here is a link to their site:  I ordered this month's lunacy tee..."Worm Moon" and I am dying for it to arrive! I have not ordered anything from them. I usually just enjoy reading their updated offerings each month. Since my birthday was coming up (and since I really like the shirt!) I finally decided what the heck!  Happy Birthday to me! :)


  1. Happy Birthday. Ah, 36. Seems like only yesterday. The time passes so quickly.

  2. Happy Birthday - may it be a year of happy blessings


  3. I'm late, but best wishes on another year in this life. May you have many more. X.