Sunday, September 21, 2014

My twisted sense of humor....

As I may have mentioned here before, I'm trying to learn Spanish. For more than 6 months now, I've been working my way through a set of lessons on cd (there are accompanying workbooks, as well). Considering that my main study time is while driving the 4 miles to work and back each day, and how few people I have to practice with, I think I'm coming along fairly well. I recently graduated to the "Intermediate" part of the course, and I look for ways to practice all the time.

The bookstore where I work is having a big clearance sale right now, and while going through the boxes of deeply discounted titles I found a little gem called Street Spanish. It contains the curse words, slang, and vulgarities you won't find in textbooks. Of course, I had to have it. And I've had so much fun with it so far!

For example, yesterday in response to a question about how my day was going, I was able to tell my Venezuelan friend (from another store in the mall) that I was "having a sh*t day" in his native tongue! (I was, too.) He thought that was pretty funny, and I enjoyed watching the look on his face when I said it! Hehehe. So anyway....

Last night after work, I opened up my copy of Street Spanish to a random spot and looked down. This is the sentence my eyes landed on:

Que asco! Creo que huelo un mal aire!

*translation: Yuck! I think I smelled a fart!

I laughed so hard my husband appeared from the other room to see if I'd lost my mind. When I told him what was funny I laughed even harder. Then I imagined the look on my Mexican co-worker Maria's face if I went to work and just said that to her one day, out of the blue. I ended up with tears streaming down my face. Yeah, I crack myself up sometimes.

My husband just shook his head. What fun it must be to be married to a 39 year old woman who sometimes has the sense of humor of a 10 year old boy!


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  2. Lady Magnon learned her Spanish whilst living in Venezuela (she's a diplomat's daughter). Unfortunately she tends to muddle it a bit with French nowadays, causing a few confused looks.

  3. Great that you're faring well. Keep going and hope you pick up swiftly. Thanks.