Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Weirdo dog

Here's my gigantic pit bull mix George engaged in one of his favorite weirdo things to do.

Eating grass.

I think sometimes George must be part goat. He'll chew on and eat any any nasty old thing thing he happens to find, including but not limited to super ripe roadkill baking in the summer sun, so I have no doubt whatever he sometimes gives himself a slight bellyache. That's probably how he came to love munching on fresh grass so much. It's one of his favorite snacks.

Doesn't give a f*ck what I think about it. 


  1. He's a beautiful fellow. I think most dogs eat grass.


  2. Bok returns to exactly the same grass 'plant' regularly.... he won't just eat any old grass. It's broader leaved than most grasses.

  3. I hate to be so brutal Jennifer but I suspect that George may be mentally handicapped.

    1. That's funny you should say that.....when my husband saw this photo he said, "Wow, he looks slightly retarded doesn't he?". Haha! :)