Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sunny at last!

The sun is finally out today! To take advantage of it while it lasts, I took Ginger and George for a walk to the wooded lot behind a neighborhood church. There were beautiful sparkling puddles under the tall pine trees. The dogs love sniffing around back there.

They also love getting outdoors after so many rainy days!


  1. It is said that dogs take after their do you walk around with your mouth open and your tongue hanging out Jennifer?

  2. That looks better. Nothing like a walk in the woods with a couple of hounds; or even just one (in my case).

  3. Well, I am sure they've been out for walks every day in spite of the rain, and most dogs don't care as much about the weather as we do. But of course it is lovely to see the sun after a period of grey skies! Maybe some of that rain finally is on its way to us :-)