Friday, December 4, 2015

One Week In

If the first week is any indication, December is going to stay true to form and be a total mess of a month. It's simply been one thing after another.

My dad is feeling better, but he had a stress test on Wednesday and when the nurse called him this morning and tried to get him to come discuss the results with the doctor, he put it off until Monday. He's afraid to know what they've found. The nurse did say the doctor found "a blockage". Which I'm sure is going to mean bypass surgery.

While I certainly understand his and my mom's fear, what I don't understand is their desire to remain in the dark for as long as possible. When Gregg had cancer, every single test he had (and there were a lot) were terrifying for us both. Not knowing what's wrong and what is going to have to be done about it is almost unbearable to me.  I prefer to know the worst as soon as possible and to get on with doing something about it immediately.  That's just me. Hopefully dad will keep his appointment on Monday and we'll know how things stand after that.

Gregg caught the illness I had last week. He's felt awful for about 3 days now. Last night he was up almost every hour throwing up. All I could do was offer a warm wet cloth for his face and be there with him. I was sure he would need to see the doctor this morning, but he woke up feeling very much improved. So that's a relief, at least.

We've had another mass shooting in America this week. It's a daily occurrence here and not even very surprising anymore. This time it was a husband-wife team that caused the death of 14 and injured another 21 people. They were Muslims recently back from a visit to Saudi Arabia, but last week it was a crazy fundamentalist Christian that shot up a medical clinic so that makes no difference as far as I'm concerned. It's all terrorism. Churches, schools, doctor's offices, social services agencies....lunatics with guns might be anywhere these days. No place feels safe or sacrosanct anymore.

So with all these bright thoughts I'm sending's your week going?


  1. Have a nice weekend, Jenniffer, after all,
    I am glad you understood my comment at Rachel's. Sometimes as you know my English turns the comment to something else... good thougts are sending from here to your father.

  2. Can you still just go into a shop and buy a gun and ammo? It seems very odd to us over here.

    Even if they changed the laws, all those guns would still be in peoples homes.

    1. You absolutely can, Cro. Many people I know own several guns and loads of ammo to go with them for fear of needing to defend themselves against the armed criminals. Buying a gun here is ridiculously simple.

  3. Who needs foreign terrorists when one's own people do such things all the time...?! Here in Europe, such news (which are, sadly, frequently coming from the US) leave most people baffled. Violent crimes are commited here all the time, too, but guns simply do not play such a huge part here, and I am truly glad about that.

    Sorry to hear your Dad probably will need surgery. But if it means he'll have more healthy times ahead, then that's good, isn't it. Like you, I very much prefer to know what's going on and what I can do about it than ignoring things as long as possible.
    All the best to you and your family, Jennifer.