Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cool Car!

On my way to work yesterday a really cool car pulled up alongside me at a red light. I'm normally not one to care about cars, but this was definitely unusual looking, and when I saw that the driver was on the right hand side, I snapped a couple of pictures so that someone could help me identify it later.

It was, of course, a Bentley. But can anyone tell me what year?

In any case, it was unusual enough that even I noticed it!


  1. That is one absolutely gorgeous ride. I would have been reaching for my camera pronto, too. I'm not an expert on high end vintage cars, so I can't peg down an exact year for you, I'm afraid. Perhaps posting on a classic car forum or subreddit over on Reddit could help you find out as much. Whatever the year, it sure is one incredibly lovely vintage car.

    Many wishes for a great weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. That oozes comfort and a time when driving was a pleasure.

  3. What a beautiful car, even the color is perfect.
    Nice way to start the day.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. That car is a beauty. Our first car was a vintage 1958 Jaguar Mark 8 coupe, it was so comfortable and such a smooth ride.

  5. It looks like a 1954 R Type Continental; a friend of mine had one in Burgundy (colour).

  6. It is the kind of car even I would have noticed :-)

  7. Could be a 1956 Bentley S-1. Nice back seat for "making out" on dark country lanes. Mind you, what about the trunk (boot)?