Friday, January 4, 2019

Friday morning

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post with encouragement and advice. I'm pretty sure that I didn't break any bones, at least, so that's something. My knee is badly bruised but seems to be working just fine, although it's very stiff and sore. The real issue (much to my surprise) is all the other muscles I pulled during my fall falls. My left arm and shoulder and my right lower back area all hurt more than the knee at this point. I feel like I got hit by a truck! Last night I remembered some leftover muscle relaxers my doctor had given me for a pulled muscle, so I took one before bed. I had a pretty decent night's sleep after that and I feel a little better than I did yesterday.

My sister in law Karen is arriving this afternoon and will be staying until Sunday morning. Despite the busted knee and pulled muscles I managed to get a couple of things done around the house last night, most notably giving stinky George a bath. Gregg had to do the lion's share of lifting his 85 pound bulk into the tub, though. After a good shampooing Mr. Georgie smells nice for once and shouldn't be too offensive. I'm sure he'll be smelly again by the time Sunday rolls around, but at least he'll make a good first impression!

*Side note: why do some dogs smell and others don't? Our dog Ginger has the most wonderful, thick, luxurious fur and she never, ever smells bad. She rarely needs a bath. George was a real shock to us; a couple of days after a bath he'll smell like a dog again. He also has noticeable doggy breath and often farts, and his farts will clear the room. We never notice Ginger doing that! I don't understand how two dogs with the same diet can be so utterly different. Why is that?

He's a sweet boy. Smelly sometimes, but sweet!

I need to get off the computer and go get some things done. I still need to make up the guest bed with fresh sheets, tidy up and mop the kitchen, and clean the main bathroom. I've also got to go out back and clean up the big piles of dog poop around the back porch (George again. Ginger always goes to the furthest corner of the yard to do her business). I wish this visit had happened a little closer to Christmas. I feel like I've spent the whole break preparing the house for company, and I'm tired. It will be good to see my sister in law, though, and I'm glad Gregg will get to spend some time with her. They haven't seen each other since their mom's memorial service last year. Karen is due to arrive in about 4 hours so I need to finish up the last of my coffee and get to work.

Have a good weekend, everyone.


  1. because george is a GUY. smelly is a GUY thing.
    now miss ginger is a GIRL and GIRLS always are clean and neat.
    if it were me, I would still go get an x-ray.
    have a nice visit with SIL.

  2. Holy smokes, what did I miss?! Clearly I have to catch up. Sorry you are injured! As for the dog smell thing, yeah -- all I can say is they are highly variable that way. Olga smells really nice, like a bag of Fritos. One of my childhood dogs, though -- Good Lord. What a stink bomb!

  3. Look up Just Food For Dogs recipe to download My friend swears by this (no broccoli )she uses frozen fish sweet potatoes, potato, green beans and carrots. Boiled quickly and put through and crunched through a food processor. Alice's hair is growing back, she is losing weight not starving, digests it well her farting has decreased dramatically she is a happy gud dug.

    Love anne marie's comment.
    cheers, parsnip

    1. HNY to you and the gud dugs! yeah, sometimes the thoughts just flow, like a stream.

    2. You are the best... great comments and so funny.

  4. Q. How can two dogs with the same diet can be so utterly different? Why is that?
    A. Don't ask me. I'm not freakin' Doctor Dolittle!

  5. I know nothing about dogs, though I liked the girl/boy dog distinction. I suppose just listen to everyone and pick the best(est) suggestion(s).

  6. I would say that dogs are like people in that each of us have our own microbiomes and chemistry. Maybe?
    I'm glad you're knee is okay but sounds like you need to do some icing and elevating! Take it easy, girl!

  7. My schnauzer ( male ) doesn't smell " doggy" at all, but the Yorkie ( female) sometimes has a whiff about her when damp.! Both get bathed regularly. Schnauzer has had an odd smell for a few months....apparently he has had a yeast infection, but hopefully some Apoquel pills have cured it! I think that dogs have different smells depending on their skin and fur type. I once went to feed a friend's cat in the large room where they normally kept the dogs......2 Springer spaniels.....the dogs weren't even there but the smell nearly knocked me over when I opened the door. I think that spaniels have greasier coats as they are " water dogs" !
    Sorry to hear that you are still suffering from your fall. I was lucky after mine.....just couldn't sleep on my bruised hip for a few nights, and my thumb pad was a bit sore for a while. Hope the visit goes well. x

  8. So glad the knew isn't as bad as you thought it might be. Sounds like the rest of you is on the mend, as well. Oh, George. So adorable. But why is it that two people with the same diet can be so utterly different? Some are just stinky.

  9. Glad your injuries don't require any sort of cast! My dog, Murphy, doesn't really have a bad smell unless he gets really wet. I don't know why as I don't bathe him that often because he is so huge. However, he does burp all of the time, and it sounds just like a human's burp. Whenever he does it and I am with someone, it brings laughs as it sounds so human-like.

  10. Oh dear, I have been out of action for a few days and just now heard about your falls. I hope you recover quickly. It looks like I will need a root canal, my jaw and head have been hurting. Let's hope for a healthy 2019 after this tough start.

  11. I too am late to hear 'the news'. Mend soon!
    Dog smells puzzle me too.