Saturday, March 20, 2021



A photo taken recently in Beaufort, South Carolina. I stole it off Facebook. Photo credit goes to Doug Noll.

It's the Vernal Equinox! I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm especially happy to see the arrival of spring this year. It's been a long, unpleasant winter. 

Just look at the tender new leaf buds coming out on the little baby fig tree! Just two weeks ago I was hoping it had survived its first winter in the ground. As of this morning, it would appear so!

Since I'm over a week out from my second shot, I picked today to go out and do some shopping. I needed new sneakers and jeans and for obvious reasons I'm hesitant to order either online. I also needed to get a birthday gift for little P. I hate hate hate the mall with a fiery passion but it's the best place to get a bunch of different shopping done in one centralized location. So that's where I headed. You wouldn't believe the hordes of people there, half of whom weren't wearing masks. I nearly had a panic attack just trying to navigate around the parking lots looking for a space to park the car. It's obvious stimulus money and tax refunds are hitting simultaneously. Ugh. I was uneasy the whole time!

Lots of businesses are gone since the last time I was there, including the Game Stop where I had intended to buy little P. a gift card to put towards the video game he wants. No big loss there; I don't like the idea of giving kids electronics or video games in the first place. I certainly wasn't going to drive across town to the other Game Stop, either. So I got him an alternate gift that was on one of his wish lists that his mom shared with me. It makes me much happier: a nice Lego kit. Apparently little P. is crazy for Legos.

He specifically requested Minecraft Legos, and when I texted his mom she confirmed that he doesn't have this one already. Legos are so much better for creative play! Of course I looked for books, and P. likes to read, but when it comes to his favorite series I don't know which he has already and which he doesn't. I think he'll be pleased with this--I hope so, anyway. I'll let you know Tuesday.

As for me, I looked and looked and couldn't find any shoes or jeans at the mall. I ended up driving to a shoe store close by and getting a new pair of Saucony sneakers. I love this brand! Not only are they very comfortable to walk in, but they hold up well. My last pair is pretty beaten up and well worn, but still perfectly useable. They just don't look nice for wearing when I'm out and about or meeting friends. I'm happy to have a new pair. Then I came home and did something that's a first for me: I bought a pair of jeans online. I searched for a pair that had great reviews, so we'll see. If they don't work I'll return them, but if they do then that will be a game changer. I hate trying on clothes in store dressing rooms, especially now in the age of Covid. If this pair works out well I'll order two more in different shades/colors.

That's been my big day so far. I stopped at one last place, a butcher shop, and picked up Santa Fe stuffed chicken breasts and baking potatoes for our dinner tonight. The spuds are baking, and in a few minutes I'll add the chicken breasts to the hot oven and make a nice salad. Gregg will be home from work in about an hour, and since he works late on Saturdays I try to time Saturday night dinner to be ready (or close to it) when he walks in. 

I hope you've all had a pleasant "first day" of spring! Happy Equinox, everyone!


  1. I cannot remember the last time I went to a mall; probably 20 years ago. nothing I need or want that I cannot get at a local shop or online.

    we had fish and mac & cheese and homemade beer bread for dinner tonight. and the sun was shining, so it was a good day.

    you will have to get a pix of lil P with his new toy!

  2. A week after your second shot you should feel pretty good about going out. Since Greg is inoculated also you don't have to worry about bringing anything home. I feel now that I have had both shots I wear my mask, and I do religiously, for social reasons.

  3. Happy Spring! This is also my youngest son's birthday so we took him a cake, a steak and a gift. It was nice to get out a bit even if it is still pretty cool here. We get our second shot next week so a bit after that I'll be doing some shopping too. I really need some shoes and clothes also. I bet little P. loves that Lego set! My sons were big Lego fans and actually I like them too. I think toys like that are good for kids. How wonderful to see your baby fig bud! It will be fun t see how it grows this year.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. I so agree with you about trying-on clothes in shops; I refuse to do so. I recently bought a denim jacket online, and it way surpassed my expectations. Miracles do happen!

  5. After a winter of death, I think most will look forward to spring. We're suppose to be in the 60's all week. It think this pandemic will be the final nail in many a mall. Everyday I hear of yet another chain store closing up.

    You can't go wrong with Legos. Much more mind working and creative for him then video games. He'll love it...his mother may too as long as she doesn't step on a forgotten lego in the carpet!!!

  6. The wonder of good public transport. We hop on a tram and in minutes can be in wonderful shopping precincts and not worry about the extremely stressful shopping mall carparking. Hate it.

  7. Glad you got out, but such a shame about the crowds and the maskless idiots. Although shopping can also be stressful here, at least the law requires crowd limits and masks. It makes for a much less anxiety ridden experience. Great gift. I never had Legos and always want to play with them when I see them. And 386 pieces! Being uncles and not parents, we always bought the toys with the most parts.

  8. Lego is a great toy! My sister and I grew up with it, of course much less fancy than what is available now, but we were never ever bored with it.
    Spring started here rather wintry, with temperatures around freezing point. By the middle or end of next week, we are supposed to have proper spring with sunshine and much warmer weather.
    Saucony is a good brand for sneakers, I agree. My favourites are New Balance and Salewa. Hopefully, the jeans will be the right cut and everything, so that you have a new source for jeans without having to go to the much hated mall.

  9. Yesterday was busy at the store. Temps were in the 60's. Many of our customers do wear masks because the infection rate is rising in Cumberland County. Those who don't? You don't need to be wearing a little, red MAGA hat so prove that you're crazy. Legos are great!

  10. Happy Spring to you too from here inthe UK.

  11. It was cold over here. The winds making it even colder. I need a little Spring weather!!!

  12. That photograph of Beaufort is really beautiful. What an inspiring way to welcome spring. We are welcoming autumn here.

  13. Oh I love your Spanish moss - as in the first picture - it speaks so much of the American South. Little P is a lucky boy to have you as his friend and surrogate auntie. I hope he gives you a big hug for buying him the Minecraft pirate ship. Avast there me hearties!

  14. That picture of the trees and moss is a stunner.
    My grandchildren love Legos too. I'm sure Little P. will be most happy with that set.

  15. Minecraft Legos! That's a DREAM present for a kid. All the kids at our school are nuts about Minecraft. (I barely know what it is, but that's ok.)

    Good luck with the online shopping! I've had varying degrees of success with it, but to be honest it's hit-or-miss in the stores, too.

  16. Happy spring to you Jennifer, it brings whispers of hope. Stay safe.

  17. I also went shopping for the first time in over a year on Friday. I went to a store in a strip mall. It wasn’t crowded and I noticed that they were not stocked like before. All the changing rooms were locked so you had to buy things without trying them on. After ten minutes I started getting very hot and felt that if I didn’t leave immediately, I would have a panic attack. I am alright being outdoors, but being inside a store or building will take me time. I have read it is a form of PTSD and many are suffering from this now. I just have to take baby steps.

  18. Lego is always a winner!
    I do most of my shopping online but jeans are one thing I just can't imagine getting online unless I already knew the exact make and style. I hope it works out for you!

  19. Boy, I can't imagine buying jeans on line. The sizes in women's clothing are so varied. I hope you'll come back and tell us about how this worked out for you.

    Minecraft legos are awfully popular here as well.

  20. Happy Spring right back at you,
    Good luck with the online shopping.
    Hello to Gud Dug George !

  21. Minecraft Lego set was a huge hit with my 6 yr old GS at Christmas. Pretty sure P will be delighted.

  22. Hi _ I came across your blog via one of those rabbit hole things when you click a comment that resonates (from life's funny like that)... Anyhow, glad I did. It's spring here in the UK too, and we are emerging from both winter and the dark days of Covid. But brighter day are ahead I'm sure - and already I'm feeling the warmth of the sun.
    I have friend who lives in South Carolina I think - Greenville?

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