Thursday, February 24, 2011

Loose ends

This has been a long week. It has mostly been spent at my old job (an empty building at this point) tying up loose ends. Very, very boring but I'm getting paid for doing.....not much! Tomorrow is my last day. My boss is coming to town to take me to lunch, then we're doing one last walk through at 3pm...then I'm done.

I start my new job on Monday morning. I'm very grateful that there will be no gap in my employment, although everyone seems surprised that I'm not taking a week or two off. I don't care about time off. I just want to get started so I can quickly get over the new job anxiety! I hope I will like it, and more importantly, I hope I will like the people. I have been so fortunate these last 7 years to work with a great crew. I hope my luck in that regard holds out!

Spring is definitely almost here.  The pear trees in our yard are on the verge of bursting into bloom, and the tulip magnolias around town are about to bloom as well (they're my favorite early spring flowers). Daffodils are blooming, and so are our camellias. The shoots of iris are growing, but it will be April before the actual flowers appear.

The birds love the new feeders I bought! Especially the song sparrows. It won't be long before they have their first clutch of babies. Mom and Dad are working hard on the nestbox, which we can see from our kitchen window. Marco has a pretty good view of their nestbox too, and he seems to enjoy watching them.

Well, back to work. (I'm at home taking a long lunch.) I will probably get some knitting done this afternoon while we're killing time.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Day!

I got the job! I got the job! I got the job!

I am so, so happy! What a huge relief! My last day at the old job is Friday, Feb. 25, and I start at the bookstore on Monday, Feb. 28.  So it will be a seamless transition. I am really excited!

GB and I are planning to have a special dinner and margaritas tonight to celebrate!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A watched phone never rings!

So I'm waiting to hear back from my job interview Tuesday morning. It's only Thursday afternoon, but I was so sure they were eager to have me that now I have a sinking feeling that they must really be looking at other people. Or else I sounded like an idiot. Which is always a distinct possibility when I get nervous.

I keep putting my cell phone in another room then checking it a half hour later to see if there's a missed call. And I made sure the ringer was turned up. This reminds me of  high school, when the bad boyfriend wouldn't call but somehow I thought maybe if I stared at the phone long enough it would RING already. I hate waiting for the phone to ring. Sigh.

To take my mind off it, I'm cooking a nice pot roast for dinner, along with wild rice and roasted vegetables. I went and picked up seed starting mix today at Southern States farm supply, so tonight I can start my tomatoes, herbs and flowers. I also picked up a new hanging bird feeder for seeds, and a suet holder too. The bird feeders that we had at the old house were in shabby condition so we didn't bring them. I've been feeding the backyard birds on a broken feeder I found here but it wastes seeds so I needed new ones.

 GB (husband) spotted two species of woodpeckers in our back yard this morning...Downy and Red bellied. They will be especially happy with the suet feeder. I picked up a suet cake for them that is called the "Party Mix" because besides seeds and fat it has shelled nuts and raisins inside.The idea of a party cake for the birds made me smile! I need to go hang both the new feeders this afternoon. The birds are beginning to think about raising families (the song sparrows are adding material to the nestbox, and GB saw two mourning doves mating this morning!) so they all need the extra boost right now while wild food is still scarce.

Maybe if I go cook, hang feeders, clean, and start seeds I really will have a missed call this evening! One thing I know for sure: a watched phone will absolutely not ring!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This and that

Just a few random notes today to catch up.

I had my second (hopefully last) interview at the bookstore today. I think it went well, and I should know one way or the other within the week. I got a pay rate for the position, and it was a little better than I expected, so that made me happy. The regional manager seemed nice, and I'm pretty sure they want me, but I was really nervous anyway. We did the interview (which lasted over an hour) beside a sunny window, and between the heat from the window and my nerves, I had sweat rolling down my sides. That was not a comfortable feeling! I think it went fairly well, but as in every interview I've ever had, a couple of times my mind just went blank after a question, and I found myself rambling all around the subject, because I just couldn't think. I thought that having done lots of hiring and interviewing (from the other side of the desk, so to speak) at the current job for the past 7 years would help me to not be nervous about being interviewed myself. Wrong! :)  I just hope I didn't sound like too much of an idiot!

The sun is out today, finally. It's been raining for days, and that has been interfering with my daily exercise. This morning I took Ginger for  a brisk 2 mile walk. It felt good! I need to lose some weight (actually, a good bit of weight) and one of things I promised myself was that I would walk every day, except during truly inclement weather. I am also trying to kick the eating out habit, which has been difficult since I haven't yet been able to establish better planning and shopping routines. I am working on it.

Taxes. Ugh. It's time to do them. Although we will be getting a refund, I dread doing the paperwork. And since I consider it a shameful waste of money to pay someone else to do them I will have to spend a few days working on that as well. Husband has a small second income that the taxes have to be calculated on (it's self employment) so that makes our returns a bit harder to deal with than usual.

What else? A lady rear-ended me at a red light a couple of weeks ago. The damage is minor, but it still needs to be looked at by a body shop (the adjusters saw it last week). I need to schedule that today. I also had a dentist appointment yesterday...the errands and responsibilities seem endless right now!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A promise is a promise

Ugh. It's early (not too early, but 7:30am), it's cold again, and I promised myself I would walk for half an hour every morning before work.

Time to give myself a kick in the pants and hit it. I'd rather sit here and drink coffee. Sigh.

A promise is a promise.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

For the light returning

Imbolc is here, and with it I feel a new chapter is starting in my life.

My house is squeaky clean and shiny.

I have made some new year's pledges to myself, mostly related to my health and daily habits.

I went this morning and bought seeds to start for the upcoming growing season, mostly herbs and heirloom tomatoes. I also bought a small pot of spearmint, and a pot of silver thyme, to add to my growing perennial herb garden. I want to branch out this year into making my own herbal tea mixes.

It is a new moon, and a new month, and the year of the Rabbit is about to begin! I am a rabbit, and so I hope this will be a most auspicious year for me.

It is a beautiful, sunny, warm day, and I am about to go for a long walk with Ginger. I am so grateful for the returning of the light, and I plan to soak up as much sunshine this afternoon as possible!