Wednesday, February 2, 2011

For the light returning

Imbolc is here, and with it I feel a new chapter is starting in my life.

My house is squeaky clean and shiny.

I have made some new year's pledges to myself, mostly related to my health and daily habits.

I went this morning and bought seeds to start for the upcoming growing season, mostly herbs and heirloom tomatoes. I also bought a small pot of spearmint, and a pot of silver thyme, to add to my growing perennial herb garden. I want to branch out this year into making my own herbal tea mixes.

It is a new moon, and a new month, and the year of the Rabbit is about to begin! I am a rabbit, and so I hope this will be a most auspicious year for me.

It is a beautiful, sunny, warm day, and I am about to go for a long walk with Ginger. I am so grateful for the returning of the light, and I plan to soak up as much sunshine this afternoon as possible!

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