Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lammas Eve

Happy birthday, Juliet!

"On Lammas-eve at night shall she be fourteen..."
-William Shakespeare

I "borrowed" the above from the fabulous Lunaea Weatherstone's facebook page. Sorry, Lunaea, I couldn't resist! I had no idea today was Juliet's birthday!

Of course, I knew it was the eve of Lammas, the festival of "first harvest". It is traditional to make some form of bread to celebrate this rather obscure holiday, and I am thinking about cornbread tonight with dinner. Lammas is the beginning of the harvest season in the old calendars, and a time to begin rejoicing in the fruits of the earth. There are also many other customs surrounding this day (and it's eve) and one of my all time favorite sources for information about them comes to us from Waverly Fitzgerald, she of School of the Seasons renown. Here is one such article:

May your harvest be bountiful and your heart full of joy!

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