Thursday, September 1, 2011

Easing into Autumn

I am so happy that it is finally September! I am unusually excited about fall coming this year.

The temperature is starting to moderate. Although we have barely gotten any rain (there was almost none from the recent hurricane, which was a surprise)it is noticeably cooler, especially at night and in the morning. Exercise before work is much more enjoyable now. I am continuing to progress in my quest to abandon my coach potato ways. This morning I walked with 2 pound hand weights, and it felt good!

Ginger is also much happier on our walks these days since the weather is so nice. The air is cool, the skies are deep blue, and squirrels are everywhere in the park. We have also noticed flocks of doves searching in the newly fallen leaves for food. They are almost invisible against the brown dry leaves, then they burst skyward with a start when you happen upon them. There were three flocks of doves in the park this very morning, strolling around in the leaf litter under the big oaks, pines, and sweet gums. There are also pairs of woodpeckers living up in the tallest pines.I love hearing their ratatattat high above our heads! It's a nice park to walk through each day.

I am planning a celebration later this month to observe the Chinese mid autumn moon festival with some girlfriends the night of Sept. 11. We all have interest in Asian customs and holidays and so we've decided to take one of our "girls nights" to celebrate under the full moon. I will be posting pictures and links about the holiday and my little get together as I make plans for the next couple of weeks. I think it's going to be fun! I have always wanted to have a fall celebration of some sort at the autumnal equinox. This is finally my chance! More to follow on this!

Another thing I am happy about with the change in season is the foods that come along with it. The cafe attached to the bookstore where I work is beginning to bake Maple Walnut Scones, Pumpkin Bundt cake, Apple Cinnamon coffee cake and muffins,and is serving more hot chai tea already. It's hard to stick to a diet with all the wonderful smells wafting through the store. (How lucky am I that my workplace smells like new books, coffee, and baked yumminess?!) Yesterday I caved and treated myself to a slice of pumpkin cheesecake. It was sooooooo good! Who can resist such lovely fall treats all the time? Not me, especially while they're still novel. Soon it will be time to make some fall recipe goodness at home, too. I am looking forward most to homemade apple pie and spicy 3 bean chili.

I have also been browsing fall themed magazines and craft books at work. We are already getting in Halloween merchandise, which is the one holiday I don't mind living with for a long time! I love Halloween, and planning for it. Now that it's September, I can begin making plans without feeling too weird about it!

So, welcome September. Nice to see you again. Please linger as long as you like before making way for October!

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