Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Here comes the color!

We are finally beginning to get some autumn color here in my part of the world. Our peak will not occur for another couple of weeks, but it's definitely starting to look like fall:

These photos were actually taken last October in my neighborhood. I have had such a busy schedule that I have not gotten any new ones this year. Thursday I plan to change all that; I have the day off (Friday too) and I will take the camera when Ginger and I go for our morning walks. Not only are the trees beautiful this time of year, but lots of my neighbors have fall and Halloween decorations up. I will be posting a photo tour of my neighborhood to kick off the weekend!


  1. Beautiful! Oh how I long to live where there is Autumn color! One day....one day! Try to take some time to get out and enjoy the season while it's here! :o)

  2. People from other parts of the country say that we don't have good fall color here in SC, but I think they often just don't bother to look. All this pictures are from my street alone!