Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fun weekend

This morning I woke up to the sound of cicadas humming outside.  It's a sign that summer is in it's late stages when we hear these little creatures in the morning. Early in the season, it seems they mostly sing in the evening. We finally had another week of rainy weather, which broke the incredible heatwave we were experiencing. It's still hot, but a normal level of hot, not 100F+ each day. That gets old quick! Especially when the power bill comes in.  The latest bill is a scorcher, too!

It's been a sociable summer for me. Old friends have been calling and visiting much more frequently (since GB is continuing to recover) and we've been invited out several times now. I have actually made some new friends, too, which is exciting. And last night we went to a dinner party given by my brother-in-law's family.  There was good food, good wine, and good conversation, and we got to catch up with family members and friends we hadn't seen in awhile. A good time was had by all...almost too much of a good time, as I woke up today with a pounding headache from all the wine and champagne! We were celebrating a milestone birthday, and my brother-in-law's wife doesn't believe in a guest seeing the bottom of their glass....but it was totally worth it!

Today an old friend is coming over to have lunch with me. We haven't had a chance to get together for awhile so we will be catching up and possibly knitting, too. (We love to stitch-n-bitch!) I was able to get rid of my headache so hopefully I won't be too hung over to enjoy more company.

It's been a fun weekend. I hope you all are having a good one too!

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