Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday. Nice to see you. It's a brand new week everyone!

Yes, dear readers, I am happy to see a Monday morning arrive. After the craptastic week I just finished, a shiny brand new week seems like a tiny reason to celebrate. I sure hope it's a better one.

My job is ridiculous. I won't bore anyone with the same old complaints, since anyone that has been reading this blog with any regularity knows I hate it. Last week was just especially stressful. I coped with the stress by spending most of the week having an internal pity party for myself. It wasn't pretty, but there you go. I also spent an inordinate amount of my (non work) time lying in bed, doing nothing. Then GB caught a nasty cold/flu thing , and he was lying in bed a lot too. After a few days of us both staying in bed our house began to revert to it's natural wild state and was (to put it mildly) a disgusting pigsty. I made some efforts this weekend to clean up the worst messes, but there is a lot left to do. To cap off the week, yesterday I started to feel sick. A tickle started in my throat that turned into an uncomfortable cough last night. So far today I feel a little bit better, but I'm being cautious. GB's bug took a few days to settle in and really get down to business. I sure hope this week doesn't turn into a sick week for me. It remains to be seen, but I'm eating lots of fruit and taking vitamins and drinking lots of water. I hope I can stave off this sickness before it really takes hold.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I'm just starting the FOURTH week of my bloody cold. I still have an annoying dry cough that just won't go. Keep up the self-medicating; these autumn colds are a pain! Cough, cough, cough!

  2. I am GB is all better. I am sure you were worried about him. I hope you can stay healthy as well!