Saturday, October 6, 2012

It figures

I had an entire week off work after my Mid Autumn Moon party, and I feel like I wasted the whole thing. The weather was grey, it rained a little bit every day, and I couldn't seem to do much at all but sleep. I slept late every day, then took naps, then sat around during the times in between. I just couldn't seem to muster up any energy, and I felt kind of down, too. I feel certain that the gloomy weather contributed to my lethargy. The sun didn't peek out even once the entire week. It was damp and too warm outside. The whole week ended up being a big letdown for me.

Tonight I go back to work, and guess what? It's gloriously sunny outside. Not a cloud in the (brilliantly blue) sky. It's cool outside again. Overall, it's a picture perfect fall day.

And I'll be spending the whole afternoon and evening at work. Inside. At my job that I hate.

And I'm completely out of paid time off until the end of January. Not that it matters really, because with the holidays coming up no one will be allowed long weekends or weeks off until late January anyway. That's just the way it is in the world of retail. I had high hopes for enjoying my last bit of time off this year, but instead I just felt sluggish, bored, depressed, and tired. If the weather had been nicer, I think it would have been a better week for me. I sure wish some of this nice weather had happened a couple of days ago!

Three words can sum up how I feel today: just my luck!!!


  1. Aw...that sucks! I feel you...I have just been kind of down this whole season so far. Not my usual giddy excited self, and totally lacking in energy too! But, maybe you needed that rest, maybe your body was demanding exactly what it needed. I think we always feel guilty if we aren't running around doing or accomplishing something....but maybe a good long rest would do us all some good! Hope your spirits lift soon. When you do have some time off, get outdoors and enjoy the season before it's gone! :o)

  2. What a bummer. But isn't that the way it so often happens. However, there's nothing wrong with just letting the body relax. Halloween soon, then Christmas and the New Year. Plenty of fun on the horizon!

  3. Like both of your friends said, don't feel so guilty for not doing much. I think your mind and body needed that down time for whatever reasons! You have been through so much this year. Perhaps your body knew it was time to let you truly relax and unwind. I hope things get better soon.