Friday, November 16, 2012

Friendly feline walking companion

I've mentioned here before that there is a friendly neighborhood cat that we've been making friends with on our nightly walks. To begin with, it would just follow us at a distance for a portion of our walk. After awhile it would come closer and even sometimes let us pet it when we passed by. These days it will run to meet us, tail straight up, meowing loudly. Then s/he will rub against all three of us (Ginger the dog included!) and purr loudly before walking with us for awhile. This has been going on for months! A few days ago it did something I've never seen a cat do: stood up on it's back legs to get petted, like a small dog. Crazy cat! We're beginning to love this little creature, and despite my allergies and Ginger's inclination to chase smaller animals, I sometimes wish it could come live with us. It has a home already, of course. But still. What an awesome feline!!

I was finally able to get some pictures when we were out uncharacteristically early one afternoon recently. The cat ran out to greet us when we passed it's house, as usual.


Living proof that not all cats are aloof!



  1. Beautiful whiskers. Slightly worrying eyes. And it appears to have one ear that's turned inside-out!

  2. Our cat will do the two-legged stance as well when she really needs some pettings. ^^ (She also stands on her hind legs to open drawers.)