Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter fields of white

Yesterday was clear and cool and sunny, perfect for going outside and soaking up some (much needed) early winter sunshine. I decided to go take some pictures of the small cotton patches I had seen outside of town on Thanksgiving day. I went just in time; some of the fields around me were being harvested as I was taking my pictures. I felt kind of silly, standing knee-deep in a cotton field with a camera, but I have a feeling some of my blog readers have never seen cotton plants.

When you drive past these fields, it looks just like snow has fallen.





  1. So, that's what my de-constructed T shirts look like!

  2. That cotton bud photo is gorgeous!

  3. These photos are gorgeous! The only sort of cotton we have around here is bog cotton which is lovely but not nearly so impressive. Good on you for taking the photos. I know exactly how you must have felt out there (as it happens to me all the time too), but it was definitely worth it. Thanks!