Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy MLK and Inauguration Day!

Today is the day set aside each year to celebrate a true American hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
We are also celebrating the 2nd inauguration of President Obama. Despite all of our shortcomings, this country has come a long way since the civil rights movement. MLK would be proud!

Photo: A new official presidential portrait, just in time for the Inauguration.
President Obama will be sworn in with a bible that belonged to Dr. King.



  1. Two great events rolled into one. MLK would have been justly proud. I don't really understand why I feel so strongly about this, being a white Englishman...

  2. In our current political climate, it tkaes a great deal of courage to do the right thing. X.

  3. I am with Tom..... But I think I know why I also feel strongly
    It's plain and simple
    It's the right way to feel