Sunday, February 17, 2013


For those of us that grew up this far south, even a tiny bit of snow is an exciting event. My area got a little over an inch last night, and everyone around here, young and old alike, are celebrating.

These were taken last night, from our front doorstep, while the snow was still coming down.

And these were taken this morning.....

Oak tree glazed with snow and ice.
Our front yard.

Backyard sunrise this morning.


Ice lantern.

A bird's nest from last year, hidden away in
a blueberry bush and covered with snow.

Blueberry flower buds.

Snow, buds and sky.

Nestbox on the north side of our house,
with red blooming camellias in the snow.
Ginger likes snow!

 Cold hammock.


  1. I think our snow season is now gone, but I have known snow here on Easter Day. Looking at Ginger, I think he'd be happier inside by the fire!

    1. Actually, Ginger really does love the snow. She just looks woebegone in this photos because I'm taking her picture. She HATES having her picture taken, and won't look at the camera. Just like her mama! LOL

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