Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gratitude Sunday

Gratitude Sunday

Today I'm joining both Taryn Kae Wilson at  Wooly Moss Roots ( and Hannah at Following Bliss ( in taking a moment to reflect on the things that I'm grateful for as another week comes to a close. Thanks for the wonderful idea ladies!

  • The gorgeous weather that ushered in the equinox this year. Not only were we treated to a clear view of the golden harvest moon each night, but the days have been filled with cool air, blue skies, and leaves just beginning to get the first tints of fall color. Crickets have been singing me to sleep at night. Even they seem to be delighted with the changing season.
  • Friendship. I can honestly say I have at least one true friend. She's not only loyal and steadfast, she's also really funny and fun be around.  She's coming over this afternoon for wine, tea, apple tarts, and some catching up time. A happy way to spend the equinox!
  • My husband's continued good health. The big scary monster is finally receding into the past and seeming less and less relevant to our current life. So FU, cancer!
  • And on a less serious note, I'm beginning to appreciate drinking hot tea! (This is the South. We drink our tea sweet and iced. Period. Hee.) I've been experimenting with different brands of hot tea and finding some that I like. I don't own a functional teapot or know much about tea, I admit. I just microwave a cup of water and dunk a bag of English Breakfast in. And yes, I know that method sucks. But I like it, and it's an easy pick-me-up after work that doesn't seem to give me the caffeine jolt coffee would. A cup of tea is a nice little welcome-home ritual, too!


  1. Have you tried Lapsang Tea? Wonderful for winter afternoons with a slice of cake.

    Luckily we do have some very good friends, but we also know people who don't have any. They have 'acquaintances', but that's all; how very sad!

  2. Hmm...never heard of Lapsang Tea. I will be on the lookout for it.