Sunday, September 7, 2014

September Staycation

Today is a good day for me, because it's the first of nine I'm taking off work. I've been saving up my paid time off all year, so now I'm using it before October arrives and the holiday season "no vacation time" ban is put into place. I'm extra excited because my husband is taking the week off too!

It was a very busy summer for both of us. I had to help plan and pull off lots of events at the bookstore, which meant extra hours, more work, and more stress. My husband's aquarium design/maintenance business has done well this year with the addition of some new and bigger accounts, but he's lost some of his free time. He works super hard, and rarely allows himself to take a break, and so it will be especially good for him.

We may take a couple of day trips in the upcoming week, and if so I'll take pictures and share them here on the blog. We'll definitely spend lots of time with Ginger, George, and Marco. And I have about a dozen half-finished craft projects I'd like to work on, and recipes I want to try, etc. It's going to be a nice break from the daily grind.

Party lights to celebrate!


  1. Going away can be very relaxing, but just staying at home and doing all those things you've dreamed of doing, must be far better. Have fun!

  2. Jennifer, hope you would have a wonderful staycation. thanks.

  3. "Because when you can't sleep, you might as well blog."

    Oh, gosh! Are you me? Well, doubt that. But I've been saying the same thing over & over myself.