Thursday, February 12, 2015

Some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue....

.....and yesterday I was the statue all day long!!

Some days just aren't meant to go your way, and I had one of them yesterday. I went to bed night before last with all sorts of plans to spend my day off being productive. Nope. Wasn't meant to be.

I woke up with a pounding sinus headache. I got up, took some medicine, and settled back in bed to catch a little nap, just until the pills kicked in. Ha ha! I slept until noon. Half my day was gone that quick! I hate it when that happens!

I got up, showered, and prepared to go have my car serviced (it's overdue for an oil change and tire rotation). I use the Toyota dealership because all service is free since my car is less than a year old. Lo and behold, they are doing renovations to the building where they work on cars and the line for service was about 10 cars deep. No thanks, I thought. I'll come back another day.

 Since I was downtown already I decided to surprise my husband, and go to a new fancy car wash that just opened, and give my scion a good cleaning and vacuuming. He always complains that I should keep my car cleaner. Well. This car wash looks like something out of the space age. There were all these "hands free" docks and the entire place was laid out weird, on a corner of a busy intersection downtown. I pulled in, but then realized I was about to have to go through a pay station, and I had no idea how it was going to I turned around and tried to get back the chagrin of the drivers behind me, who started blaring their horns at me. Arrghh! I panicked a little, but after doing about a 20-point turn, managed to get over to the other side of the carwash......and still had no idea what to do. I saw all these slots where people where pulling their cars in, but I didn't see anyone actually washing their own. And there were attendants running around, and one kept trying to wave me through another pay station, and boy did he look annoyed at me! So I ended up doing another crazy turnaround, and getting the hell out of there! I felt like a total dumbass!

After that, I went home and washed my car the old fashioned way--with a bucket, a sponge, and a water hose. At least that one thing got done.

By this time, it was late afternoon, and I hadn't even touched any of the housework I had planned to get done. Then my husband got home, and discovered that our main (desktop) computer had died. It's making crazy beeping noises and the monitor is blank. I used the tablet that I'm typing this post on to go to the manufacturer's website, and we spent the next two hours trying to troubleshoot the problem. No good. I was so frustrated by then that I was ready to heave the whole machine out of the window!! And my husband, who had had an equally crappy day at work, was all tight-lipped and silent, a sure sign that he's pissed off and best left alone for awhile. So on my way to work today I'm dropping the computer off at a repair shop. If it can't be fixed I hope there will be some way to retrieve files....otherwise I'm going to lose about 5 years worth of photos. I KNEW I should have saved them elsewhere, but kept putting it off. Idiot.

 So back to yesterday. . I gave up trying to be productive after that. I made a couple of sandwiches for dinner and we spent the rest of the evening watching Netflix. After a short walk with the dogs (during which George saw a cat and infuriated me by barking and snarling and pulling on the leash, the one problem we're still working on with him) we went to bed early. Some days that's all you can do--go to sleep and hope tomorrow is better!


  1. Oh how I can relate to this post Jennifer, happens all the time to me....ah the best laid plans of mice and men oh and women of course.

  2. Some days you just have to accept that life can be a bugger. Those car wash things frighten the life out of me too; my car has a Spring wash, and that's it.